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What is ClockShark?

According to the vendor, ClockShark is a comprehensive time tracking and management solution aimed at small to medium-sized businesses in various industries. It offers a range of features to help businesses accurately track employee time, manage schedules, collect important information, and improve...

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With features such as out of bounds alerts, PTO requests, shift notes, job-specific task selection, Who's Working Now feature to help …
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What is ClockShark?

ClockShark is a time tracking app for mobile workforces in construction and related industries, featuring geofencing, web punch-in and punch-out, a mobile app that can be used as a time station kiosk, and other features. ClockShark was acquired by Simpro in 2021, and is now supported by Simpro.

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Product Details

What is ClockShark?

According to the vendor, ClockShark is a comprehensive time tracking and management solution aimed at small to medium-sized businesses in various industries. It offers a range of features to help businesses accurately track employee time, manage schedules, collect important information, and improve overall productivity.

  • Mobile Time Tracking: Employees can use the mobile app to clock in and out, providing accurate timesheet data for payroll and job costing. The app claims to record timesheet data with 99.9% accuracy, allowing businesses to track job details, employee information, and duration.

  • Integrations: ClockShark can be integrated with leading apps such as QuickBooks, Sage 100 Contractor, Xero, ADP, and Paychex. This integration is said to automate administrative tasks and reduce manual work, making it easier to enter payroll and job costing data.

  • Collect Answers to Customized Questionnaires from Employees with Clock Out Questions: Businesses can use ClockShark to collect specific information or attestations from employees when they clock out. Notifications can be received for unexpected responses, allowing prompt addressing of any issues or concerns.

  • Customer Management Software: ClockShark's Customer Manager (CRM) allows businesses to keep all customer information in one place. Customer records can be easily organized and accessed, including contacts, notes, files, and conversations, improving workflow and customer service.

  • Employee Scheduling App: ClockShark's employee scheduling app enables businesses to create work schedules quickly. The drag-and-drop editor simplifies the process of creating and updating work shifts, with instant notifications sent to the crew. Employees can view their schedules, clock in and out, and access job details directly from the app.

  • Geofence Time-Tracking App: ClockShark's geofence time-tracking app allows businesses to create virtual boundaries around jobsites. Employees are reminded to clock in and out when they enter or leave the geofenced area, ensuring accurate time tracking and employee accountability.

  • Job Costing: ClockShark helps businesses manage job-related time and expenses throughout the project lifecycle. Tracking job costs from start to finish allows for more accurate labor cost estimation, and timesheets can be exported to accounting systems for streamlined job costing.

  • Time Off App: According to the vendor, ClockShark's Time Off App allows businesses to easily set up custom sick and vacation policies. Time off policies can be configured in minutes, with automatic accrual to each pay period. The automated time off system eliminates manual tracking and simplifies time off management.

ClockShark Technical Details

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With features such as out of bounds alerts, PTO requests, shift notes, job-specific task selection, Who's Working Now feature to help managers keep track of employees, and photo capture capability to ensure work was done at the site, ClockShark is a viable solution for many use cases. The Geo-Fencing to verify workers are where they say they are in real-time and budget options for added control over finances further its use cases.

For customers who need to manage large teams or multiple locations with different tasks per project, ClockShark is an ideal choice with its ability to sync data across platforms and devices in real-time. Businesses benefit from the accurate reporting which enables them to make informed decisions quickly while keeping track of labor costs. The automated password feature makes it simple for many people to access the system without having to memorize long passwords. Advanced users may find the kanban system useful for organizing tasks into specific categories and monitoring progress towards deadlines easily.

Some customers have experienced syncing problems when using older Android phones or difficulty accessing the scheduler but these issues have been addressed since then by updating the app version. Users have also reported occasional lag on some Android phones when running in the background, using location services on battery saving mode can help mitigate this issue. There were also some initial reports of duplicate entries entering QuickBooks due to QuickBooks Connector hanging or having an issue, however these issues were quickly resolved after customer service representatives reached out directly within 24 hours offering solutions.

Overall customers are happy with what ClockShark offers them – accuracy in calculating billable hours and easy accessibility even when on the road - noting how much time it saves them in comparison to manual payroll systems. Managers appreciate the ability to communicate schedules and updates from anywhere plus clock in/out notifications that remind employees if they forget (or skip) their breaks or go out of bounds during their shift.

ClockShark has revolutionized workforce management in various industries by providing seamless integration of scheduling, time tracking, and payroll processing. Users have praised the software for solving the problem of completing paper timesheets and manually uploading the information onto the payroll system, resulting in significant time and money savings. The GPS tracking feature has addressed issues with inaccurate time sheets and time theft, leading to cost savings for businesses. The ability to schedule all tasks from one place has been highly valued by users, making it convenient and efficient. Additionally, the real-time labor tracking and cost management features have helped businesses become more profitable on their projects. Users appreciate the ease of payroll management for hourly employees and the added assurance provided by the GPS tracking option. The integration of ClockShark with other software tools, such as QuickBooks, has streamlined workflows and simplified payroll and invoicing management.

ClockShark's mobile app allows employees to easily clock in and out, view schedules, and request time off from their smartphones, which has been highly beneficial for companies with remote or mobile workers. The software's GPS and geofencing features have helped in managing and recording time for employees on job sites, preventing unauthorized clock-ins at unauthorized locations, resulting in cost savings. ClockShark's accurate time tracking and PTO requests have saved time on payroll processing and provided accountability for each employee. Overall, ClockShark has simplified administrative tasks, improved efficiency in time management, reduced paperwork, enhanced job coordination, increased revenue through accurate job costing, provided better organization of projects, improved database management, facilitated schedule coordination between multiple job sites, simplified employee time monitoring, improved accuracy in timings for employees, simplified time registration and verification processes, improved profitability through identifying time wastage and improving efficiency, facilitated communication with mobile staff members through easy sharing of schedules and updates, decreased disputes on overtime and leave through accurate reporting systems.

Many customers feel that they get great returns from investing in ClockShark. Its out of bounds alert feature helps supervisors keep track of employees who wander away from designated areas or don’t show up at all; its kanban system organizes tasks; text messaging notifications update employees quickly; and reports provide detailed insights into employee performance. With many automated functions such as auto-scheduling hours saved each day by users has increased their profitability significantly.

Overall, customers are pleased with their return on investment when using ClockShark and would recommend it for anyone looking for an easy time tracking solution with powerful features. A great example of this is the project management capabilities or hard clock in time function which is expected to be added soon.

User-Friendly Interface: Users appreciate ClockShark for its user-friendly interface, with several reviewers stating that it is easy to navigate and use. Many users, including those who are not tech-savvy, have found the software intuitive and straightforward to figure out without any issues.

Quick and Effective Customer Support: The exceptional customer service provided by ClockShark is highly valued by users. Several reviewers have praised the company's support team for their quick response times and effective assistance in resolving any queries or technical issues that arise.

Scheduling App and Time Tracking Feature: Users particularly like ClockShark's scheduling app and time tracking feature. Many reviewers have mentioned how these functionalities allow them to ensure that their employees know their schedules, job sites, and are paid properly. The ability for workers to download the app and clock in from their personal devices is also appreciated by users.

ClockShark is a user-friendly time tracking and scheduling software that offers features such as GPS tracking, photo capture, QuickBooks integration, geo-fencing, job cost tracking, notifications and more. Customers have praised the customer service for its quick response to questions and found it great for workforce management. However, some common cons or dislikes described by users include:

*Syncing issues: Some customers have experienced problems with syncing data between devices or with other platforms connected to ClockShark. *Lagging on older Android phones: Customers may experience slow loading times and performance difficulties when using ClockShark on older versions of Android. *Difficulty accessing scheduler and limited project management features: While customers find the ability to track location useful, they would like to see more features in terms of project management and a hard clock in/out feature for recording exact times.

Users highly recommend ClockShark for its effectiveness in tracking employee hours and clocking in to multiple locations/jobs. They find the app easy to use and user-friendly. ClockShark is suitable for large teams and helps organize team activity. The self-hosted version of ClockShark is suggested over the cloud version. Users also recommend trying ClockShark as it offers a free trial and accessible pricing. It is recommended for companies struggling with time management, tracking employee hours, and job costing. Additionally, ClockShark is recommended for businesses looking to track staff or contractors, generate accurate job cost reports, and simplify payroll processes. Prior to launching ClockShark, users suggest setting up all employees and jobs. They find it to be a useful tracking system that offers flexible reports. ClockShark is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple projects as it helps engage employees and simplifies timesheet management. However, users mention the importance of communicating Android update issues with clients, as well as informing employees about battery drain and location tracking associated with using ClockShark. Despite these minor issues, users wholeheartedly recommend ClockShark for businesses struggling with employee time tracking, as it provides immediate assistance and allows for adding attachments to shifts.


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