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What is CommentSold?

CommentSold is an ecommerce platform from the company of the same name in Huntsville, designed to help businesses sell products digitally. With CommentSold, businesses can manage inventory, automate invoicing, enable sales through social networking, and drive web and mobile applications.

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Customers have praised the customer service and support provided by CommentSold, noting that it has helped them grow their business. They …
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Product Details

What is CommentSold?

CommentSold Video

Social selling has proven to be rewarding, but it is also time-consuming: creating invoices, managing orders, and processing payments. What if you could automate these processes? You could go from comment selling to Comment Sold™.

CommentSold Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Customers have praised the customer service and support provided by CommentSold, noting that it has helped them grow their business. They also love the app which allows their customers to shop lives and replays of lives. However, some users say their customers have experienced difficulty creating accounts or error messages when using websites created with CommentSold.

For small businesses looking to increase sales and reach new customers, CommentSoldprovides an easy and engaging way to meet clients where they are with features like multiple buying channels, invoicing, and inventory management. Customers appreciate the personal care they receive from Commentsold's team along with useful training videos that help them get started quickly.

Live sellers reap additional benefits from CommentSold’s platform as it offers easy invoicing and captures sales in the moment of their live show. Thanks to its integrations with Shopify, Facebook, and Instagram customers find it convenient to interact directly with their buyers in real time while still being able to track inventory conveniently through CommentSold’s back end system.

However some users have found it difficult to find answers to questions on the platform due to its steep learning curve. Furthermore users also noted that keeping up with changes due to the platform's rapid updates can be a challenge at times thus making navigation more difficult than necessary. With this said customers are generally satisfied with the features offered by CommentSold.

CommentSold is a comprehensive system that has been highly valued by users for its ability to automate important processes, such as invoicing, shipping, and customer communication. With CommentSold, businesses are able to connect with their customers during live sales and send push notifications, resulting in increased engagement and the establishment of a personal connection. Users have appreciated the continuous addition of new integrations with Shopify, which has solved the problem of overselling between platforms and increased productivity. Additionally, CommentSold has improved shipping speed, increased sales, and made inventory tracking easier for users. The platform's responsiveness to client feedback and continuous improvement efforts have also been praised. One significant time-saving feature is the elimination of manual invoicing, which has streamlined business operations for many users. However, some users have reported that the app could be more user-friendly when it comes to importing products and integrating with existing websites. Overall, CommentSold has provided businesses with the tools to integrate a mobile app and conduct live video sales, improving organization and reaching customers in new ways.

Users are generally pleased with their experience using CommentSold and the return on their investment. They appreciate the easy-to-use platform and its integrations with Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and their own websites. Customers report that they have seen an increase in sales thanks to the live streaming feature and other features such as waitlisting and inventory management. Those who have difficulty navigating the platform are supported by a helpful customer service team which is available for weekly calls and setup support during their first month of use. Furthermore, customers find CommentSold to be incredibly time efficient with automated invoicing for live sales saving them time. Although there are some downsides such as declining social media viewership or SEO visibility when using CommentSold, overall users are satisfied with CommentSold's performance and capabilities.

  • Easy-to-use app: Users love the CommentSold app, which allows customers to shop live sales and replays easily. It has been praised by many reviewers for its user-friendly interface and seamless shopping experience.
  • Convenient website building and live sales: The ease of building a website and conducting live sales is another aspect that users appreciate. Many reviewers find it simple and convenient, contributing to their revenue stream.
  • Regular feature updates: Users are excited about the new features that CommentSold releases every month. These frequent updates enhance the overall user experience and make an already easy platform even better. Some reviewers have specifically mentioned how these updates keep them engaged with the platform.

Difficult User Interface: Many users have found the user interface of CommentSold difficult to navigate, with important options not readily available. This has caused initial confusion and frustration for some reviewers.

Lack of Clear Instructions: Some users have expressed a desire for clearer instructions and a one-on-one coaching system to fully utilize all the tools offered by CommentSold. They feel that having more guidance would help them make the most out of the platform.

Lower Viewership with Overlay Feature: There were reports from users that when using the overlay feature on CommentSold, they experienced lower viewership compared to going live directly on Facebook pages.

Users of CommentSold have provided the following recommendations:

  • The user thinks CommentSold has everything you need for selling online.
  • The user recommends being established before signing up for CommentSold and sticking with it for at least 60 days to get clients acclimated.
  • The user recommends keeping options to communicate with Deaf available.
  • The user believes that CommentSold is a game changer to increase sales and decrease time spent on invoicing.
  • The user highly recommends giving CommentSold a try and utilizing the help functions and tutorials.
  • The user suggests using CommentSold to start live shows and gain new customers.
  • The user emphasizes that success with CommentSold requires practice and proper use of the tool.
  • The user considers CommentSold a must-have all-in-one live selling invoicing system.
  • The user recommends signing up for boutique level at minimum to gain access to setup support.
  • The user advises using the support chat and exploring all the features of CommentSold.
  • The user thinks CommentSold is amazing and a one-stop shop for online selling.
  • The user recommends using CommentSold if you sell online and need an app that can link to Facebook.
  • The user suggests offering prepaid shipping at a lesser minimum.
  • The user finds CommentSold wonderful and worth the money spent.
  • The user recommends having a handle on inventory to avoid time-consuming updates.
  • The user believes that CommentSold is a total game changer, especially for live sales.
  • The user advises being patient and utilizing the customer support team.
  • The user suggests giving CommentSold a try to see how easy it makes selling products.
  • The user thinks CommentSold is worth every penny.
  • The user recommends trying the trial first to see if CommentSold works for you.
  • The user believes that CommentSold is a platform that can work for you.
  • The user appreciates the simplicity and support provided by CommentSold.
  • The user suggests trying CommentSold and being glad that you did.
  • The user recommends blocking the dumping carts option in CommentSold.


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