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PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Payments Pro


What is PayPal Payments Pro?

PayPal Payments Pro is an enterprise-class ecommerce payment solution, that provides payment processing security to build a professional-grade ecommerce site. It can be configured to meet business needs and works across devices. Users can tap into over 390 million…

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PayPal Payments Pro has proven to be a versatile and reliable payment processing solution for various industries and businesses. Users …
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A Real Pal

9 out of 10
September 15, 2021
Paypal payments solution is used for my part-time ecommerce business. The payments that I need to make for purchasing any software or …
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PayPal is not your Pal

1 out of 10
September 01, 2021
PayPal is NOT used by my organization. I used it to see how we could implement it in a future mobile project we are working on it failed …
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What is PayPal Payments Pro?

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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
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Frequently Asked Questions

PayPal Payments Pro is an enterprise-class ecommerce payment solution, that provides payment processing security to build a professional-grade ecommerce site. It can be configured to meet business needs and works across devices. Users can tap into over 390 million active customer accounts around the globe.

Alipay, Finix, and kevin. are common alternatives for PayPal Payments Pro.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 2.3.

The most common users of PayPal Payments Pro are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

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PayPal Payments Pro has proven to be a versatile and reliable payment processing solution for various industries and businesses. Users have praised its convenience and security in facilitating transactions, whether it's reimbursing group expenses, processing payments for an ecommerce business, or distributing payroll for a large company. With its integration capabilities, PayPal Payments Pro seamlessly works with other platforms like BigCommerce Store and Shopify, instilling trust among customers and reducing cart abandonment. Freelancers and contractors have also benefited from the platform, as it simplifies payment processes, eliminates the need for manual checks, and ensures accurate record-keeping. Additionally, PayPal Payments Pro has become a popular choice among non-profit organizations for its ease of use and lower processing charges compared to other event management software. The user-friendly interface and fast payment transfers have made it a preferred option for businesses of all sizes, offering a pleasant experience with minimal wait times for payments to be received.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: Many users have praised PayPal Payments Pro for its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. They have found the clean layout and intuitive design of the platform to be easy to navigate, allowing them to perform tasks efficiently. This emphasis on a positive user experience through a well-designed interface has been appreciated by reviewers.

Efficient Mobile App Performance: The mobile application of PayPal Payments Pro has received high praise from reviewers for its speed and efficiency. Users have mentioned that they can make quick payments within seconds, which contributes to their convenience and productivity when managing payments on the go. The swift payment processing and fast performance of the mobile app have been recognized as valuable features by users.

Seamless Integration Capabilities: Reviewers have highlighted PayPal Payments Pro's integration capabilities as a significant advantage. They appreciate how the platform simplifies the checkout process and seamlessly integrates with websites and platforms like WooCommerce. This seamless integration saves time and effort for businesses, enhancing workflow efficiency for users.

Difficulty in reaching customer support: Some users have expressed frustration with the lack of support options and difficulty in reaching a live person for assistance. They mention that only email communication is available, and the responses received are often unsatisfactory and do not provide helpful information.

High fees for international payments: Several users have complained about the high fees associated with international payments. They mention charges for international transfers, currency exchange, and poor exchange rates. Some users question why they cannot add a bank account in a foreign currency and suspect that PayPal's motivation is to collect fees.

Funds or accounts being blocked without explanation: A number of users have reported instances where their funds or accounts were blocked without any explanation or reason provided by PayPal. They feel frustrated as PayPal holds their funds without providing any real information on why this action was taken.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It was efficient in business purchases and supplies through a Paypal. It was accepted by major suppliers which were a hassle-free no brainer for us to use the card. We require a great number of tech supplies and this card allows us the purchasing power to order supplies seamlessly.
  • Tracking my purchases
  • Review my expenditures at a glance through PayPal Payment Pro.
  • Excellent at paying our creditors/vendors immediately when needed.
  • The refund process seems to be delayed on occasions.
  • Line of credit increase could be a lot more simple.
It's been great to use in purchasing components that we need to keep track of and can refer to our Papal invoice to cross-reference vendors and supply orders to confer who we received the products from. We deal with multiple vendors and may get shipments with similar components but maybe from other departments. Having a Paypal Payments Pro to look up our invoices and cross-references our orders help us verify our shipment.
Rohit Langde | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Being a payment processor with almost no implementation skills required, it is only used by the Sales department. The problem of getting paid quickly and safely is the main concern for any business and PayPal gives a head-start. It helps to avail the payment facility from around the globe within minutes of integration with our website and shopping cart.
  • Direct deposit to bank account in 24 hours of payment receipt.
  • Accepts payments from around the globe covering almost all the countries.
  • No Learning curve and easy to implement.
  • Higher transaction charges might shy away sellers.
  • Very much inclined towards buyer's protection. Seller is not always covered and at risk.
  • They block or limit accounts without giving sufficient reasons. It is recommended to play within limits.
It is very much applicable to freelancers and small business owners who want to take a business to the global level. There aren't many scenarios where it is not applicable but I would not recommend it to businesses looking up for complete selling solution like a shopping cart with an affiliate, CRM, and digital delivery management.
Carlos Begazo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Paypal is our main financial service, being a tourist company, many international and national travelers use this tool, and it has been the most affordable and practical when it comes to payments. It is possible to see the transactions and keep a record of them, it's easy to receive or pay in different currencies and keep the payment contacts of any client or colleague and thus make a quick transaction. I like that Paypal works in real-time, transactions are made immediately, all sectors of our company use Paypal to receive their payments, a little more in the sales area since we take care of checking and making receipts for our customers. It's possible to do so many things on its platform without having to look for another one, the billing processes are fast and it allows us to customize it on behalf of the client from our business account. We have been using Paypal for some time and we trust its security when receiving or making our payments.
  • I like the billing service; our customers receive the bill for their purchase at the moment in a detailed and personalized way.
  • Currency denomination changes, our clients come from different places, and we receive payments in other currencies, making the change is simple and efficient.
  • The mobile app is the best solution to manage the entire payment system, it is easy and fast to use. To check that we received the money, Paypal is always active and sends notifications quickly.
  • There are many functions that I would like to work smoothly without the need to call support, sometimes they retain the money for a few hours when the account where we transfer is new, this is not a comfortable process.
  • The rates could be more affordable, I feel that compared to other tools, Paypal commissions are still a bit expensive.
  • It is not available in our local currency, so we must make the changes to another currency, then to our card to be able to withdraw the money
There are many billing alternatives or ways to use payment and collection methodologies, however, it is useful to use the one that best fits your environment, and this is what Paypal has offered us a company, I recommend to anyone who does not know the tool to see from a better perspective how easy it is to use and the benefits it can bring to your business.
John Crumpton | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At our agency we built a custom ecommerce shop for a client which allows them to sell items online. They couldn't always get staff to open their small bricks and mortar shop and need an online solution. They looked at Shopify but wanted something we could set up without extra ongoing monthly fees.
  • Payments.
  • Feels safe (trusted brand).
  • Quick.
  • Fees are higher than competition.
  • Takes longer than the competition to release funds.
  • Payment option for crypto needed.
PayPal Payments Pro is suitable for when clients sell items on their website or want to accept donations. It allows customers to buy using their bank or credit card - but not crypto, yet - and the payment process is seamless. For agencies/dev team the documentation is good and they have been around for a long time.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We provide legal services to clients abroad. It is thus super useful to accept payment via PayPal in American dollars. We can set up the invoice within the PayPal platform and send it directly to the client or download it in PDF format. The client can then pay via card or directly from their PayPal account.
  • Create Invoices.
  • Accept Payments.
  • Track Payments.
  • There is only two Payment terms.
  • PayPal does not accept our local currency.
  • We are forced to withdraw any funds received via PayPal to our local bank account.
When a South African business has international clients who prefer to pay in dollars. PayPal works great for this including invoicing features such as setting up templates, saved products, and saved clients. The client then has several ways to make payment and reducing the barrier to payment means quicker payments more often.
September 15, 2021

A Real Pal

Jawaid Hameed | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Paypal payments solution is used for my part-time ecommerce business. The payments that I need to make for purchasing any software or memberships or any other online services is made via Paypal. I also receive payments from clients in my Paypal account.
  • Client billing
  • Re-curring monthly payments on autopilot execution
  • Sending money to friends without any fees
  • Ease of software useability
  • Transaction cost can be reduced a bit
  • International bank accounts should get linked
  • Phone based client service needs improvement
Paypal is great for personal payments as well as business payments for ecommerce of for paying monthly memberships. It is a user friendly software that needs little expertise to get used to. For larger payments, the fees become high therefore it is more suitable for payments of upto few hundred dollars.
September 01, 2021

PayPal is not your Pal

Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PayPal is NOT used by my organization. I used it to see how we could implement it in a future mobile project we are working on it failed in every way from customer service , EFT transfers and ease of use.
  • when making payments to users
  • seeing your balance available for payments
  • user interface is clear on Mobile phones
  • When you have overpaid by accident it is impossible to get moneys refunded by EFT they say they can't do it. Why? This is a bank, as they are owned by Synchrony bank. They can take EFTs but not use EFT for refunds, They say a check is coming, they use US Postal service and I had to wait more than 15 days for the check to arrive
  • When using it as customer when paying your bill you have to 14 days for Electronic funds transfers to credited, it is a totally unworkable amount of time. This is not a paper check electronically transferred money from my bank. Why does it take 14 days for an EFT to transfer?
  • Customer service is surly and can never provide an answer as to what their policy is. When i asked why it takes 14 days to have an EFT clear they said the amount was to large, what kind of bank is this when a $2600 dollar payment is too large. the payment cleared my bank that day why does it take Synchrony/ Paypal so long? Because they want the use of customer funds for free. This borders on bank fraud. I would never use PayPal for payment for my project. Agents continue to repeat the same answer to different questions, i was put on hold at one point for 12 minutes and disconnected and no call back even though they had my number.
  • The so called policies are hidden to user buried deep in pages of terms of use. How can they hold funds for 2 weeks on electronic transfers?
I don't think PayPal payments are well suited for people that will use it from multiple transactions. The only good thing is that they are pretty secure but that's it. There are so many others that are easier to use, don't have as many restrictions and have better customer service. In my opinion PayPal is overrated, overpriced and provide the worse customer service in their space
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have used PayPal Payments API a couple of times for different projects, and it is by far the best option available. The documentation is excellent, the diverse support for multiple programming languages, and the fact that you get support from a provider who can charge back any fraudulent transactions are some of the advantages you get from using their integration. I have used it to allow online payments for small businesses providing products and services.
  • Customer protection against fraud
  • API documentation
  • Sandbox support
  • Easy implementation of payments with their services
  • You can have too many fees per transaction sometimes
  • You might not get access immediately to your funds after refunds
  • You might not get access immediately to your funds after a payment
For any web application looking to integrate a secure form of payments and integrate with different providers for credit cards, banks, different types of accounts, using PayPal Payments will be a good option. In a few hours of work, you can get a fully working payment integration with PayPal Payments. Their API endpoints have adequate documentation. In addition, they offer sandbox environments to test the endpoints with little to no implementation on your end, [so] not using it will be more of an excuse than anything else.
Ramakant Rout | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PayPal is an integral part of every international transaction. Receiving the money and sending the money to all over the countries is easier using the PayPal Payments system. PayPal integrates with any website to receive money on any occasion. PayPal using peer to peer integration system for the safety of the transaction.
  • PayPal API easily integrates with websites.
  • PayPal Payments is more secure and easy accessible.
  • Create automated invoices using PayPal Payments system.
  • PayPal transaction fees are higher than other payment gateways.
  • Many countries do not receive PayPal Payment gateways.
  • PayPal takes 4-7 days to [deposit] funds in to bank account.
Although PayPal Payments makes it easy to send and receive payments being the biggest company in the FinTech business right now, it is always advisable to use an alternative if available. For freelancers and professionals who deal with international clients, I would definitely recommend options like Payoneer over PayPal.
  • No account maintenance fee.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Support multiple country currencies.
  • No transaction limit.
  • Sending fund directly PayPal integrated email id.
Andy Ryan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PayPal Payments Pro for taking payments for our services rendered. This allows us to take both PayPal and Credit Cards. The fees are reasonable and the interface with PayPal is easy to navigate. We get our funds quickly and can easily refund transactions. I would rather use PayPal Payments over standard Merchant Services from banks.
  • It makes it really easy to take payments online.
  • It is easy to get your funds transferred into your bank.
  • Very straightforward fees for processing. Unlike typical merchant services from local banks.
  • PayPal could do a better job of letting people know that they can use a credit card. I have had several clients tell me they don't have PayPal and then they don't finish the transaction even though you can pay with a credit card and not have a Paypal account.
  • PayPal could always lower their fees to be more competitive.
  • Allowing people to pay in crypto would be great.
PayPal Payments is well suited for low monthly transactions and online payment processing. It's very easy to get things set up with PayPal Payments. It is a great payment processor for anyone starting out. It's much easier to use and set up than others such as Stripe. There are a lot of other great PayPal services for businesses and that makes it a good choice.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PayPal Payments is going to be used on our shopify store and we use it to pay suppliers.

PayPal is quick and easy to use and a lot of customers look to use Paypal so it will increase sales
  • Simple to use
  • Quick transactions
  • Secure
  • Started using credit account without notifying me
  • Difficult to change personal details on account
Best suited for people with e-commerce websites. The quick and easy payments make customers want to use it, plus it has their card details saved so they don’t want to go through the hassle of typing them in every time.

Not so much suited for paying suppliers but still does the job.
Jessica Alvarez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In our company, we handle a high volume of payroll of employees who work for us. I am the owner and founder of a real estate company, and I am pleased to say that PayPal Payments has been one of the primary services for the consecutive operation of my company. Our list of employees exceeds 900 employees in the various areas of my company. I have implemented PayPal Payments in all sectors of my company, each of my employees has created a PayPal account to be able to receive their payroll payments on a weekly or monthly basis.

PayPal Payments is the main method we use to complete all payments, it is a fairly diverse service since with this we can make payments in various currencies and we can send payments instantly, our employees receive their payroll without having to wait for a long course of time as in other digital payment services. The company's main PayPal account is very easy to handle, I have been able to send payments on a scheduled basis to the employees and thus avoid making the individual payment process, in addition, I can keep an online control of all the transfers that have taken place in the last days. I am very happy with the use of PayPal Payments in my company, it is a service that is very worthwhile because it helps to complete payments instantly. Sometimes some of our employees have to travel outside the country for business reasons, and PayPal Payments has been our solution to send them their payroll in the currency of the country where they are.
  • PayPal offers me the option of converting my currency deposited in my account to another currency, so I can complete all kinds of payments and send money to employees who are in another country for business reasons.
  • The mobile phone application is too fast, I can make payments to my employees in a matter of seconds without having to wait for the web version to load.
  • Scheduled payments are great. PayPal allows me to add a list of contacts to my PayPal Business account, and after adding the contacts, I can schedule payments for a specific day and time. It's easier to make automated payroll payments with PayPal.
  • The main problems that occur in PayPal is when I make a payment towards a new employee. When PayPal detects that I am sending money to a new person, it places a freeze on the funds for 48 hours. It's a bit annoying, because I would like to make payments to my new employees instantly like I do to my old employees.
  • The process of adding my bank account and my credit card to my PayPal account was quite a complex process. PayPal did not allow me to add my bank account and credit card instantly, I had to call PayPal support to do the process for me, since the system did not allow me, it was a long and complex process.
The platform in general does not present any type of failure that affects the operation or development of the user, it is a service in which the user can complete all types of payments instantly. The most complex process is when a PayPal account has been created recently, when you complete a payment for the first time to a person, the payments will be frozen for 48 hours and that is somewhat annoying, however, after adding a contact list, and complete payments constantly, the funds will arrive instantly, they will not be frozen. It is a very powerful service, very easy to use and helps to complete payments in all types of currencies. I would undoubtedly recommend it to any company or labor sector, it adapts to any type of company, no matter if it is small, medium or large.
Luke Hall | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use PayPal Payments to take payments on my website from clients. PayPal is used to take card payments from all around the world.
  • Takes many different cards from around the world
  • Money transfers to my bank quickly
  • Large fees
  • Freeze funds for no reason whatsoever
  • Not a morally good company
PayPal is good for taking payments around the world in all different card types, but I avoid large fees at all costs.

Because of PayPal I try to encourage clients to pay via BACS.
Blake Baron | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PayPal Payments owns Braintree Merchant Processing, and that was the standard payment processor integration to the BigCommerce Store we rolled out to support the company's eCommerce initiative. PayPal Payments was a non-negotiable feature we had to have on our site per our agreement with BigCommerce. That being said, we wouldn't have had it any other way. PayPal is a recognized and trusted payment provider, and it engenders trust with our customers.
  • Super simple integration.
  • Excellent brand recognition and trust.
  • Really responsive tech support.
  • Quick settlement of funds after payment.
  • Sometimes the UX flow would not deliver the customer back to our site, leaving orders in limbo "Pre-approved" status. The customer would call days later asking why we hadn't shipped it.
  • The PayPal logo on the checkout page can be kind of large and obtrusive.
  • They mention new features and programs on their login page, but it's hard to find any details on them deeper in the software.
Accepting PayPal and even using them as your standard payment provider is a no-brainer. Yes, there are others you could integrate with, but PayPal Payments is just simple and already trusted by consumers of all walks of life. Maybe you could negotiate a better rate with a different provider if you're a large company, but unless you're in the payments business, you don't want to be thinking about payment providers.
Jaime L. Regan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PayPal Payments is used among employees to reimburse each other for things like group lunches, meals, drinks, coffees, and other purchases related to planning parties, buying team shirts, etc. It is a streamlined way to ensure a single person who fronts a bill is quickly and efficiently reimbursed even if not everyone is working in the same office locations, if not everyone has cash, etc. It is easy to send and request payment amounts via PayPal.
  • Ease of sending payments for reimbursement
  • Ease of requesting precise amounts of payments for reimbursement
  • Ease of accessing the app from anywhere
  • PayPal Payments could sync with things like Apple Pay to add stored payment methods
  • PayPal Payments sometimes has errors in syncing contact information
  • PayPal Payments could also sync with other banking apps to add stored payment methods
PayPal Payments is an intuitive and easy to use app that makes it extremely easy for employees to pay each other digitally, on the go, and when they are not all in the same location. Even when people are in the same location, PayPal makes things much simpler in a time where most people do not want to be physically contacting each other or exchanging cash that numerous hands have touched. I cannot think of a single situation in which PayPal Payments is not appropriate!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PayPal Payments for customers to make payments for their invoices. A lot of clients prefer making payments through PayPal Payments, especially in times when making bank transfers can be tiring. We have a PayPal Payments checkout page where the customer can enter the amount and the payment is then made instantly. Since PayPal Payments is widely known worldwide, customers do not think twice before making payments.
  • Fast payments
  • A lot of integrations
  • Good documentation
  • Customer support
  • High fees
  • Known to block or limit accounts
  • Some countries still don't accept PayPal Payments
The strength of PayPal Payments is that it works well for websites with small products, invoice payments, donations, etc. Also, the button integration takes away the pain of setting up everything. With the button code, we can integrate PayPal Payments on-page or website we want.

Also most of the time the payments are completed instantly and we do not need to keep on waiting multiple days like in the case of Bank transfers.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PayPal Payments is being used to be able to accept payments online through our website. It is being used by the whole organization, though only some of our team works within this and has dealt with PayPal Payments. It solves the problem of taking payments online.
  • Simple interface.
  • Everyone is familiar with paypal and usually has an account.
  • They accept payments in a lot of industries where others will not.
  • PayPal Payments could take down the transaction fee as it is pretty high.
  • They charge a lot to be able to transfer currency, etc.
  • Paypal protection can screw the seller.
Definitely would recommend this. It is great for accepting payments online and being able to access the global financial community.
Ashlie Pappas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I can't remember a time I didn't offer PayPal Payments. It's an easy, user friendly way to pay that's safe and efficient. About 40% of sales are paid through PayPal Payments. It appeals to many customers because they don't have go hunt down a credit card to make a purchase. It appeals to our company because it reduces the number of those who abandon cart.
  • User friendly
  • Simplifies the check out process
  • Customer only needs to be able to log in to their PayPal account versus finding and entering in a long credit card number
  • Ease of use
  • Reliable
  • It is NOT a good option for anything other than one-time payments - the rate of those who just go in and cancel their billing arrangement in PayPal Payments is drastically higher than those who make recurring payments via credit card
  • Their customer service is a nightmare, both for the customer and the vendor
  • They can hold funds at will, creating major issues with AR
PayPal Payments is best for one-off transactions and not any sort of recurring payment plans or subscriptions. It's still a great option as it makes payment very easy on both ends. It's well suited for any sort of e-commerce transaction and I think we'll see it offered more and more frequently in brink and mortar establishments. It's best for any situation where the customer may not have a physical credit card handy and the ability to purchase with a password aids them in making a decision in that moment to purchase.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PayPal Payments was being used as my sole invoicing solution in my business for a while. It was great because it gave me the freedom to send professional invoices to clients without having to spend money on an invoicing platform when I wasn't at the point to be able to yet.
  • User friendly
  • Professional appearance
  • Flexibility
  • Very basic platform
  • Not a lot of data easily visible
  • Limit on the amount of clients that you can have in the platform
PayPal Payments is great for new businesses who aren't in a spot to add extra expenses to their daily routine. If you want a professional appearance without cost, PayPal Payments is a great way to do so. It gives you that upper hand as well when it comes to tax time so you can have all of the information from signed clients in one spot rather than mixed into your regular use of your Venmo.
Sanchit Kharbanda | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have used PayPal Payments with Droplr past 8 years and it has been used for new business acquisitions as PayPal Payments solves the problems like New sales, refunds, upgrades. Etc. It also helps an organization to defines their products and services within the application and all the rules are applied easily without any hassle.
Also, The PayPal Purchase Protection policy ensures that users are refunded in full, including shipping costs, if a product and services purchased online using PayPal Payments are provided and is "significantly different from its description."
  • You can Keep track of transactions and conform accounts daily
  • Require users set strong passwords
  • PayPal Payments also comes with an encryption feature that protects our customer’s and our data to the highest possible standard of security.
  • Like its desktop version, PayPal Payments has a mobile application that is super easy to operate.
  • PayPal Payments is extremely user-friendly and easy to use and comes up with a Great user interface.
  • PayPal Payments can freeze accounts without warning which is ruinous for business.
  • PayPal Payments’ transaction fees are quite higher if you compare with other payment gateways.
  • It can take 4-5 business days for withdrawn funds to clear in your bank account.
  • Some user across the company do complain that the quality of PayPal Payments' phone customer service is uncertain.
A PayPal Business account gives us the flexibility to accept payments wherever we sell our services across the globe. Seller protection on eligible purchases and access to millions of active PayPal accounts worldwide. Learn more about the benefits of opening a PayPal account for your business and Integrates with non-PayPal shopping cart systems like Shopify and BigCommerce Etc. It's best for startups and big organizations.
Alfred Brock | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PayPal Payments is being used across the whole organization. The business problem it addresses is ensuring that contractors and suppliers are paid quickly and accurately, in the same way, every time. We have a central payment point shared by our accounting and office staff as well as our field personnel. This central location has eased the record-keeping burden and purchase history information quite a bit.
  • Direct deposit - we are able to accept payments directly and easily
  • Ease of finding historical transactions - it has reduced our overall records burden a great deal
  • Auto payments - it has allowed us to quickly and efficiently pay for goods and services or accept payments immediately no matter where our agents are located
  • I believe that having a video chat feature would be helpful in the app
  • I believe having a link to a phone line would be useful
It is best suited where individuals are on the move. It is also uniquely appropriate for accepting payments immediately against orders or bills. Stockbrokers on the move should look this over to cut their strings to large firms. It allows for decisions to be finalized and to begin or complete a payment cycle immediately.
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PayPal Payments to process credit cards payments for customers of our cloud based subscription software. PayPal payments provides an easy to use mechanism to capture payments quickly and conveniently from our customers who prefer to pay using credit cards instead of paying by check.
  • Easy to email invoices using the PayPal Payments website
  • Simple to transfer funds from PayPal Payments to your bank
  • Customized electronic invoices for improved branding
  • PayPal Payments requires customers in some countries (Australia) to create a PayPal account instead of paying as a guest
  • PayPal Payments pushes payers to create PayPal accounts which is not convenient for our customers. The option to pay-as-guest is available, but not easy to find.
  • PayPal Payments customer support is difficult to contact. Long phone wait times.
  • PayPal Payments is a quick way to receive payments from other people or businesses
  • PayPal Payments's BrainTreeGateway product/company allows developers to embed credit card payments in their websites
  • As a small business, it's an easy solution to begin accepting credit card payments
  • The PayPal brand is popular, but less cool than some other option
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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PayPal Payments have a major role in many businesses. In my case, I've used PayPal Payments for transferring money from my Fiverr wallet to bank account. It's very easy to use as a normal user. I haven't noticed any business problems while I'm using it. They were taking a small percentage as a service fee for our transactions, and its fine.
Now I'm using PayPal Payments for receiving my payments of some freelance works. From my using experience, I don't have to worry about this app and money. PayPal Payments automatically transfer the money received in PayPal wallet within 3 to 5 business days, and they will show us the history of transactions. We can send a payment request to someone via mail or something, and they can pay us even if they don't have an account in PayPal Payments.
  • Request payment from someone via mail.
  • Anyone can make payment to PayPal wallets, even if they don't have an account in it.
  • Automatic money transferring from PayPal wallet to bank accounts.
  • Detailed transactions history will be shown in home screen.
  • Anyone can make payment, in any currency.
  • Request money via mobile number, or some social platforms like, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.
  • UPI Transaction will be helpful if available.
  • Reduce wallet to bank account transactions days
  • Very useful for freelancers and for startups to receive their payment of projects and works.
  • It can be used for transferring money internationally with a small service fee.
  • Helps to transfer money from freelance websites and some wallets to PayPal wallet, then the money from the wallet to our bank account.
  • it cannot used for UPI transactions, so it will not be used in small rural areas.
Score 9 out of 10
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We have implemented PayPal Payments for an E-commerce client to help them receive payments from around the globe for the sale of their products. It has helped in the secure processing of payments and easy invoice generation. The users can directly select Paypal as a payment option on the product checkout page and complete their purchase.
  • Trusted by wide variety of customers around the globe
  • Offers secure environment for processing payments
  • Integrates easily with your websites
  • Fast payment processing
  • Customer support is very slow and needs more improvement
  • Lack of customization
  • Very few options available on the mobile application for managing payments received
It is best suited for individual business owners and small businesses. It is very easy to manage and receive payments. More importantly, it provides security for both the customer and the seller.
Score 8 out of 10
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The company I work for uses PayPal Payments for processing special digital events and workshops. Customers state that it is an easy and secure way to send payments. The implementation of the tool from our finance department very easy and fast, plus the processing charges were not particularly high.
  • Appreciated by customers to make payments
  • Fast implementation
  • Very easy to use
  • High processing charges
  • Doesn't provide a physical card
  • It could reflect some difficulties in terms of usage in some markets
PayPal Payments is well suited to implement a fast and secure service to receive digital payments. Customers frequently prefer to use PayPal Payments instead of their cards and often explicitly request to use it to send payments. Additionally, the service is very easy to use and implement and it's a good solution for online fast payments.
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