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Proton Mail


What is Proton Mail?

Proton Mail, from Proton Technologies, boasts being the world’s largest encrypted email provider. An email server, the vendor states their mission is to defend the right to privacy by making end-to-end encrypted email easy enough for anyone to use, and…

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Protonmail is an email service that offers more security and privacy than traditional email providers. This makes it a good choice for …
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Proton Free


Up to 1 GB total storage & 150 messages per day

Mail Plus


per month 15 GB total Storage and 10 email addresses

Proton Unlimited


per month Access to all Proton apps and premium features

Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee
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  • Free Trial
  • Free/Freemium Version
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $4.99 per month per user
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ProtonMail Demo - InfoSec

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Demo: OnlyKey WebCrypt 3.0 - Now Supporting Multiple Recipients and ProtonMail

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Product Details

What is Proton Mail?

Proton Mail, from Proton Technologies, boasts being the world’s largest encrypted email provider. An email server, the vendor states their mission is to defend the right to privacy by making end-to-end encrypted email easy enough for anyone to use, and offers free email accounts without ads, and fully encrypted storage wtih servers hosted in Geneva. The Proton Mail high-tier Visionary plan also includes VPN, via the inclusion of Proton Technologies' Proton VPN service.

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We've asked United People Global why they chose ProtonMail as their official email provider. United People Global (UPG) is a community that encourages and enables people to make the world better place. We believe that all people have the power and the responsibility to parti...
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Proton Mail Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Protonmail is an email service that offers more security and privacy than traditional email providers. This makes it a good choice for those who need to send personal or sensitive data securely. It offers security features such as end to end encryption and two-factor authenication (2FA). Further, their servers are all located in Switzerland, which has extremely strict privacy laws. Protonmail offers a web app and apps for Android and iOS to allow users to access their emails on the go.

For individual users, Protonmail is great for sending private emails from any device with increased protection from prying eyes or malicious actors. Customers note that the free plan’s limited storage capacity of 500MB is insufficient. Businesses benefit from customized pricing plans that offer additional features like multiple usernames, domains, and higher storage capacity depending on their needs. Overall, users are satisfied with Protonmail's security features but say it could benefit from some improvements in design and user interface.

ProtonMail has gained popularity among users looking to enhance their privacy and combat targeted ads. Users have found the service useful for securely sending large files and important documents through email. Additionally, ProtonMail has been utilized for creating new accounts on social media platforms. It has been praised for its privacy and security features, ensuring that communications are kept private. Users also appreciate the organization, professionalism, and quality of ProtonMail in managing their company's emails effectively. The simplicity and effectiveness of ProtonMail make it an easy choice for daily communication with customers and co-workers. Students value its security and encryption features, while non-profit startups have found it beneficial for establishing a secure email system.

Although some users have experienced delays in sending emails, overall the setup and categorization of options are user-friendly. While the ability to attach files is sometimes limited, users highly appreciate the infrastructure, encryption, and privacy policies of ProtonMail. The cost-effectiveness of ProtonMail as an email provider is also noted by users. Some occasional issues with emails not loading properly when new messages arrive have been reported. However, despite these limitations, ProtonMail's fast and secure platform has made a positive impact on users' work by limiting data storage but still maintaining a high level of security.

Businesses particularly value ProtonMail for its encryption and secure email transfer capabilities. Dedicated mobile apps and two-factor authentication contribute to the secure ecosystem of ProtonMail. Many users praise the email privacy features that ensure the confidentiality and integrity of communications through end-to-end encryption. Users appreciate having a secure source to send emails from that protects the information being sent. The native encryption feature sets ProtonMail apart from other email providers and helps establish trust in communicating sensitive information.

The user-friendly interface and faster communication provided by ProtonMail make it a preferred choice for individuals seeking greater privacy and data protection. The software allows managers to observe and control workers' email usage while ensuring privacy and adhering to no-logging policies. Users find peace of mind in the secure and private email service provided by ProtonMail, which helps them maintain anonymity and concentration in a safe communication environment. The ability to auto-delete encrypted emails enhances security. Additionally, ProtonMail's reliability, security, and robustness make it a popular choice for authentication and recovery purposes.

While scammers may exploit ProtonMail, the service still provides good privacy features that users appreciate. Data is kept completely secure through encrypted email, ensuring personal and confidential information is protected during the communication process. Users appreciate the robustness of ProtonMail's encrypted email, ensuring the security of their personal and confidential information.

ProtonMail provides a sense of security and eliminates fears of losing or filtering confidential data. Its affordability and security features make it a popular choice for both personal and business use. The software even offers a VPN service for subscription plans, enhancing security for users. Furthermore, ProtonMail has been highly praised for its email migration capabilities, making it a top choice for both personal and business use.

Users who prioritize privacy opt for ProtonMail due to its secure and reliable encrypted service. The visually appealing user interface and great user experience distinguish ProtonMail from other email service providers. Many users have integrated ProtonMail with their custom domains, using it as their business email platform.

ProtonMail is known for its features that are on par with or better than its competitors while also offering encryption and advocating for corporate social responsibility. The ability to sync with the cloud and attach large files directly from the mailing client has been a valuable feature for users. ProtonMail has helped users establish greater security for their emails, projects, and files, earning their trust and improving business relationships.

The software's commitment to privacy and security, along with its reliable encryption, has instilled confidence in users. It has solved security issues by allowing users to send sensitive information with peace of mind. Additionally, the spam email filtering feature has significantly reduced the amount of spam in users' inboxes.

ProtonMail effectively caters to the needs of self-employed individuals who require encrypted communication with clients. The ability to undo sent emails within a short timeframe has improved workflow and reduced the need for composing new emails to correct errors.

Users recommend ProtonMail based on factors such as server location, reputation, and user experience, although some believe that the search function could be improved. ProtonMail provides a cost-effective solution by offering high-quality service at a low price. Users have also praised the helpfulness and availability of ProtonMail's technical support.

The software's ease of use and the ability to star and sort emails make it a great tool for users. ProtonMail has elevated data security and created a secure communication bridge, preventing data leakage. The free version of ProtonMail is considered sufficient for those seeking a free and private email service.

While some users find the user experience less sophisticated compared to other providers, ProtonMail allows users to send and receive emails while respecting their privacy, making it a valuable option in today's digital landscape. Users have found ProtonMail useful for storing personal documents, government papers, and other important files. Moreover, users have been able to optimize processes and reduce costs by using Protonmail for their business needs.

Reviewers have praised Protonmail for its low cost and high quality of service. The ability to organize emails into important groups has been beneficial for users in staying organized. The integrated VPN feature has been particularly useful for web developers who prioritize enhanced security.

ProtonMail has been widely regarded as a reliable and high-quality email service compared to other options available. Users appreciate the ability to segment and distribute information based on importance, allowing for efficient management of communication. Furthermore, reviewers express satisfaction with the security and privacy features that ProtonMail offers.

The service has helped users save on expenses and reduce administrative costs while maintaining a high level of security. ProtonMail's alias feature allows users to manage multiple departments and create professional domains. The PGP encryption feature has enabled users to maintain a high level of security and privacy when exchanging sensitive information.

Users appreciate the convenience of starting an email on one platform and finishing it on another without any hassle. ProtonMail provides peace of mind when sending sensitive or private information, knowing that it is well-protected. The service has been praised for its value and the ability to keep separate spheres separate, ensuring confidentiality.

ProtonMail has been effective in enforcing security measures for mailing services, offering users the ability to send and receive encrypted emails securely. It has been used to send sensitive data to vendors for review, ensuring that confidential information remains protected throughout the process. Users also highly appreciate ProtonMail's secure access on mobile devices, enabling them to maintain privacy even while on the go.

Users value the privacy-focused nature of ProtonMail and its other products, finding comfort in its commitment to safeguarding their data. Overall, ProtonMail has provided a cost-effective solution that combines high-quality service, reliable encryption, and a user-friendly experience, making it a preferred choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Protonmail is a secure email service that offers users high level of security and privacy, with features like end-to-end encryption and servers located in Switzerland. Customers appreciate its reliability and trustworthiness, as it ensures their communications are confidential and integrity is protected. The user interface could be improved with better design and themes, The mobile app is praised for being easy to use, but some reviewers wished it had more security features built in. It also provides customization options such as custom domains and color choice, allowing users to tailor the look of their emails. Additionally, the free plan allows users to get started quickly with basic features like sending and receiving emails. Protonmail also has several paid plans available for businesses or those who need more storage capacity, aliases, or domains. Reviewers note some shortcomings such as slow customer support and limited storage capacity in the free plan. Customers generally feel that the additionalsecurity provides a solid return on investment and increases their peace of mind.

High Level of Security and Privacy: ProtonMail is highly regarded by users for its robust security measures and commitment to privacy. Many reviewers express their trust in the service, attributing it to features such as end-to-end encryption and servers located in Switzerland. Users value that ProtonMail does not compromise their privacy by selling user information to third parties.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface of ProtonMail receives praise from users who find it easy to navigate and customize. They appreciate the clean and smooth themes, along with the full-featured message composer. Some former Gmail users highlight the simplicity of ProtonMail's interface, which allows for a seamless transition while providing a clutter-free experience.

Exceptional Customer Service: Reviewers consistently mention the exceptional customer service provided by ProtonMail. Users appreciate having access to a written help guide and the option to email real support personnel who respond promptly with thorough and polite assistance within a day. The follow-up emails from customer service representatives checking if issues were resolved further contribute to positive user experiences.

Confusing Initial Setup and Handling: Many users have found the initial setup and handling of ProtonMail to be confusing, resulting in a steep learning curve for new users. This aspect has been highlighted as an area that needs improvement in order to enhance the user experience.

Limited Integration with Other Services: A significant number of users have mentioned that ProtonMail lacks seamless integration with other popular services like Drive and Outlook. This limitation can be frustrating for users who rely on these services for their daily productivity and communication.

High Pricing of Paid Subscription Plans: Users have consistently expressed dissatisfaction with the pricing structure of ProtonMail's paid subscription plans, stating that they are relatively expensive compared to alternative email providers. This cost factor may deter potential customers from upgrading to premium features and limit the platform's appeal.

Based on user reviews, a few common recommendations for Protonmail are:

  1. Use the self-hosted version of Protonmail instead of relying solely on the web interface to prevent possible security breaches.
  2. Try Protonmail's free account plan before making a decision, especially for individuals and small businesses.
  3. Take advantage of Protonmail's customization options and themes to personalize the email experience. Users find Protonmail to be a reliable mail service with a straightforward user interface. They recommend it for small businesses, individuals, and those who prioritize privacy and security in their email communications. Users also appreciate ProtonMail's encryption, integrity in communications, and fast messaging service with high-quality standards.


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I currently use Protonmail for personal use at home. I wanted to use something where my data would not be sold as on larger platforms that are "free." Proton does a great job of this and also offers other privacy-focused products.
  • Privacy
  • Simple products that just work
  • Integrations into calendar
  • integration into proton drive
  • needs ios app
I was looking for an email provider that will not sell my data and is very privacy-centric. Proton meets that need!
  • Privacy
  • No ads
  • Always innovating
  • Simple email
  • Great privacy features
  • They keep adding more products
Proton had a wider offering of products like vpn and drive. I ended up paying for a yearly subscription, I liked it so much.
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