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Super Receptionist

Super Receptionist


What is Super Receptionist?

Super Receptionist is a telephony and VoIP software solution from Knowlarity Communications.

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Super Receptionist is a cloud telephony service that provides businesses with virtual numbers for call routing. It has features to …
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What is Super Receptionist?

Super Receptionist is a telephony and VoIP software solution from Knowlarity Communications.

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Product Demos

Super Receptionist Case Study : Consumer Durable Industry


Start Up Company : A Super Receptionist Case Study


Super Receptionist Case Study : Agriculture (Version 2)


Export : A Super Receptionist Case Study


Consultancy : A Super Receptionist Case Study


Super Receptionist Demo Thai

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What is Super Receptionist?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Super Receptionist is a cloud telephony service that provides businesses with virtual numbers for call routing. It has features to monitor, track and train agents involved in calling operations, as well as reports and integrations with major CRMs. Customers have had positive experiences with its affordability and ability to connect them with their clients or staff members in other countries at cheaper rates than standard phone lines. The product also offers a host of additional beneficial features such as instant and seamless connectivity, call recording, tracking the number of dials, bulk SMS feature, IVR on the cloud, lead management, and call monitoring.

However, customers have noted some drawbacks that could be improved upon. They report issues with the UI. Additionally, they mention voice quality issues and latency as another area that could use improvement, although downtime is rarely an issue. Finally, the support team also receives criticism from users, although others speak well of customer support. In conclusion, Super Receptionist helps streamline customer support operations while providing good value for money overall; however, it can still benefit from improving certain areas like UI design and audio quality for an optimal user experience.

Super Receptionist is a reliable and cost-effective cloud telephony service that helps businesses grow by providing virtual numbers to manage calls and monitor, track and train agents involved in calling operations. The user interface could be more modern, but it still helps users provide good customer service. The product offers features such as IVR and lead management which are beneficial for customers. Additionally, its affordability allows customers to connect with their clients and staff members in other countries at low rates.

On the downside, some users have reported difficulty navigating the UI, particularly the logs page, due to lack of intuitive design. In addition, voice quality and latency can sometimes be an issue, although downtime is rare. Overall, Super Receptionist offers great value for money for companies looking for efficient solutions to manage their customer service or calling operations.

• Affordable and reliable: Users have praised Super Receptionist for its affordability and reliability. The product helps streamline customer support operations at a good price point, and is rarely ever down. • Easy to use: People appreciate how easy it is to set up and integrate with other software products. • Quality features: Super Receptionist offers various useful features such as IVR, lead management, call monitoring, call recording, tracking dials, and more.

• UI may not be up to par: Many users have noted that the user interface is not intuitive or modern. • Audio quality and latency issues: Some customers have experienced audio issues such as poor voice quality, static noise, and latency problems when using Super Receptionist. • Limited customer support: Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Super Receptionist's customer support team. Others have had positive experiences, so overall reviewer opinion is mixed.

Users recommend considering other solutions on the market and comparing them before choosing Super Receptionist. They believe it is important to explore alternative options to ensure that Super Receptionist meets their specific needs and requirements.

Many users think Super Receptionist is a great product for taking their business to the next level. They appreciate the features and capabilities offered by Super Receptionist, which help them enhance their business operations and customer experience.

Several users suggest giving Super Receptionist a try, as they believe it is one of the best options available in the market. They find the product reliable and efficient in handling their communication needs, such as call forwarding, virtual assistants, and call analytics.

Additionally, users highlight that Super Receptionist is available in most countries without the need for local address proof. This global accessibility makes it convenient for businesses operating internationally or expanding into new markets.

Furthermore, many users find Super Receptionist to be an easy-to-use product. They appreciate its user-friendly interface and intuitive features that allow them to seamlessly manage their calls and communications without any technical difficulties.

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