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CaseMap Cloud

CaseMap Cloud
Formerly CaseMap


What is CaseMap Cloud?

CaseMap is a collaborative fact management and case analysis cloud tool to help organize case documents and craft strategy to present a compelling case story.

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CaseMap is a legal software application designed to help organize and manage large volumes of data related to cases, documents, facts, …
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What is CaseMap Cloud?

CaseMap is a collaborative fact management and case analysis cloud tool to help organize case documents and craft strategy to present a compelling case story.

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What is CaseMap Cloud?

Organize, analyze, and review cases anywhere, anytime. CaseMap Cloud also integrates TextMap and TimeMap into one easy-to-use solution to help save time connecting facts to issues, building chronologies, and identifying gaps in your case. Conduct legal research, track case law, and quickly pull important documents to the surface on CaseMap Cloud.

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CaseMap Cloud Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

CaseMap is a legal software application designed to help organize and manage large volumes of data related to cases, documents, facts, people, organizations, transcripts and more. This product is praised by users for its efficiency in providing an easy-to-use user interface and comprehensive organizational asset with customizable features. In addition to these benefits, CaseMap offers a variety of features including team streamlining, OCR capability to convert paper files into digital format, timeline creation, and the ability to link all data together.

Positive experiences users express around important product features include its ease of use through a user friendly interface; customizable features that can be tailored to suit their needs; the ability to quickly deliver results for clients; OCR capability helping convert paper files into digital formats; timelines that can easily be created from PDF documents; as well as its capacity for managing complex cases and integrating seamlessly with other ediscovery software solutions.

The largest benefit users receive from using this product is having everything they need in one place - information gets organized quickly so lawyers don't have to spend hours manually entering data. Furthermore, it helps save time collecting evidence as well as preparing cases for trial thanks to its streamlined process. Additionally, it has automated tasks such as creating medical chronologies straight from records which are invaluable if lawyers are pressed for time.

Although there are many positive reviews about CaseMap from its users, there are still areas where it could improve upon such as offering integrations with more PDF editors. Many reviewers had to purchase Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Pro to be able to use CaseMap. Some find it too expensive for smaller boutique firms and also note graphics could be improved. Overall though, users who understand how the product works tend to have had a good experience using it in organizing their data and preparing trials effectively.

CaseMap is a great legal software for organizing and managing cases, documents, facts, people, organizations, transcripts, and more. It has an intuitive user interface and allows users to quickly deliver results for clients. Its features such as customizing databases for legal teams and creating timelines in PDFs are praised by users for their efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, it offers OCR capability, team streamlining, and linking all data together. However, some may find CaseMap too expensive for smaller boutique firms and the graphics could be improved. Also, source documents can occasionally become unlinked due to automated tasks which create medical chronologies from records.

Overall, CaseMap provides many benefits to its users including its organizational asset, visualization of information and customizable features; however there are also drawbacks such as its costliness and difficulty getting used to its features. The product can serve teams well in dealing with a directory of docs to manage on small-moderate cases or isolating case issues but attorneys must be willing to take the time to understand how the product works in order to use it optimally.

• Powerful data-management capabilities • Its interface is easy to use and navigate • Reviewers appreciate its OCR capability • The ability to link all data together allows for efficient discovery preparation and legal research. • Users have found it helpful for creating timelines • Many users have praised its efficiency and effectiveness in helping them prepare for trials and organize relevant case law.

• Some users found it difficult to learn how to use this product without training. • Can be cost-prohibitive for smaller firms. • Source documents may unlink, requiring manual work to correct.

Users have made several recommendations for CaseMap based on their experiences. Firstly, many users recommend exploring and learning the software's features. This allows users to fully utilize the software's capabilities and maximize its benefits for litigation and trial cases.

Secondly, users recommend using CaseMap for better organization of cases. The software provides a user-friendly interface that aids in generating clean and professional reports, particularly when working with medical records.

Thirdly, users suggest starting small and growing databases as comfort level increases. This approach allows users to become familiar with the software's functionalities gradually, ensuring a smooth transition and effective utilization.

Overall, users find CaseMap to be a helpful tool for serious litigation practices, especially when used in conjunction with Lexis as a legal research provider. They also highlight the OCR capability and productive correspondence within the software. Additionally, taking a user class is recommended to fully explore all the ways to use Casemap for mapping out legal issues.

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