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What is Semmle?

The Semmle analytics platform analyzes development data—source code, version history, development costs, team location. Semmle was acquired by GitHub in September 2019.

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Semmle is an automated code analysis tool that helps developers secure their software and maintain coding standards. It integrates with …
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What is Semmle?

The Semmle analytics platform analyzes development data—source code, version history, development costs, team location. Semmle was acquired by GitHub in September 2019.

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Apache Struts RCE - CVE-2018-11776 - PoC Exploit Demo

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What is Semmle?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Semmle is an automated code analysis tool that helps developers secure their software and maintain coding standards. It integrates with many third-party libraries, working to improved performance, and makes coding easier and less tiresome.

Customers have found the product easy to use and helpful in tracking progress. For instance, it provides fine-tuned queries for granular analysis and allows monitoring of IOT (Internet of Things) devices. It also helps improve security by finding bugs early on and providing graphic representation of results. Additionally, its automation capabilities can help users achieve quality products faster.

However, some users have experienced slow loading times, buggy integration with GitHub, a need for more documentation, occasional sluggishness in performance, user interface problems, and difficulty integrating existing codebase into the platform. Despite these drawbacks customers are satisfied with Semmle's features and benefits overall.

Semmle is a software engineering analytics tool that helps developers to identify and remove vulnerabilities from their code, improve code performance, and maintain coding standards. It integrates with Github, provides features such as automatic CI/CD pipelines and age testing, and helps users save time by automating the process of code review. Semmle is suitable for medium to large teams. Customers have found it easy to use, helpful in tracking progress, and great for collaboration. However, some customers report slow loading times, limited features, outdated user interface design, and pricey subscription costs. In general though, Semmle has been praised by customers for its automation capabilities and bug detection which has helped them optimize their code review process and secure their software.

Seamless Integration with GitHub: Users have praised Semmle for its seamless integration with GitHub, which makes it easy to find bugs and vulnerabilities through automation. Several reviewers found this feature helpful as it saves time and effort for developers.

User-Friendly Interface: The user interface of Semmle is user-friendly and intuitive. It allows users to find errors and bugs easily, making the task of fixing code much easier and quicker than other available tools. Many users have appreciated this aspect of the tool.

Comprehensive Secure Code Analysis Tool: The users have found Semmle to be a comprehensive secure code analysis tool that helps in analyzing code to find bugs and vulnerabilities in the code. Reviewers consider this feature particularly useful as it enhances overall security while maintaining coding best practices by individuals or organizations.

Slow Processing Speed: Several users have mentioned that Semmle's processing speed is slow, which can be frustrating when working on large projects. Users report that this leads to lagging and delays in analysis.

Outdated UI: A few users have complained about the user interface of Semmle, stating that it looks outdated and needs an update. They suggest a modern feel would improve the overall experience.

High Price for Small Startups: Some users have expressed concern over the pricing of Semmle, stating that it may not be affordable for small startups or independent developers. They hope that the company will consider reducing prices for these customers in the future.

Users have made several recommendations based on their experiences with the software. Firstly, they highly recommend it as a great tool for code analysis that can increase code performance and team productivity. Secondly, users suggest using the software for deploying IoT devices due to its seamless integrations. Thirdly, users find the software easy to use, helpful, and time-saving. Additionally, users recommend the software for coders and developers, including beginners. They also suggest using the software to optimize the code review process. Moreover, users believe that the software is a must-try for companies looking to improve code security and performance. Some users also recommend the software for those who are not aware of the platform. However, it is suggested to have a skilled administrator to set up the software. Finally, users recommend Semmle specifically for static code analysis and mention its benefits for large teams and test-driven environments.

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