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What is Sling?

Sling, from the company of the same name in Brooklyn, is presented by the vendor as an easy way to schedule and communicate with non-desk employees. It allows users to organize, communicate, and administer all aspects of a business, to…

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Sling is a powerful scheduling tool for teams, providing an intuitive user-friendly interface and various features. Teams can easily …
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  • $2 per month
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Product Demos

nursing (breastfeeding) in a ring sling - Sakura Bloom


Natural Mom Baby Wearing Demo: Ring Sling




Mamaway Baby Sling Demo - Sling Setup


Tow Sling Demo


Air Sling Demo

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Product Details

What is Sling?

Sling is a SaaS-based online employee scheduling application that aims to present an easy way to schedule and communicate with deskless employees. Sling employees companies across industries, some including food service and hospitality, healthcare and caregiving, call centers, and remote work.

For scheduling, Sling’s schedule maker enables users to set up employees' schedules, manage time off, mark availability and manage shift trade requests. Users can set up rules to stay on budget or schedule overtime as needed, getting notifications of overlapping shifts or double-booking. Employees can sign up for shifts they'd like to work by scheduling available shifts on a first-come, first-served basis, or through an approval from an admin. Scheduling templates can be created and saved for future use.

Beyond scheduling, Sling enables managers and employees to communicate and chat through the platform, as well as receive alerts, make time-off requests, as well as create tasks and mark them complete. Managers can distribute tasks across a team and make it clear what needs to be done during each shift. Employees can access to-dos from their phones. To-do lists and checklists can also be templates for reuse. Task management is included to keep employees’ goals clear and reduce confusion, ultimately to increase job satisfaction as well as reduce frustration and turnover.

With its mobile app, employees’ mobile phones can be used as location-aware time clocks, allowing employees to punch-in and punch-out with geofencing, or optionally at a designated terminal. Sling can prevent early clock-in or forgotten clock-outs by simply enabling managers to edit timesheets at the end of each period.With alerting, its time clock features aim to reduce tardiness, time theft, or carelessness from increasing labor costs.

Through the app, users can send private or group messages, to more easily collaborate on tasks or communicate and explain scheduling or workplace events, and make announcements. Managers can set up a newsfeed to keep everyone on the same page.

Finally, Sling’s integrations with various restaurant and PoS systems (e.g. Toast), ecommerce and retail systems (Shopify, Square), and payroll (ADP, Gusto), enable Sling users to save time by working within familiar systems.

Sling was founded in 2015, and is headquartered in Brooklyn. It can be started for free with advanced features available via a 30-day trial. Users can sign up with a Google account, and apps are available on the Google Play Store, the Apple Store, and in the Shopify marketplace.

Sling Features

  • Supported: Labor Cost Optimization
  • Supported: Alerting (e.g. Overtime Notification)
  • Supported: Customizable Reporting
  • Supported: Time Clock & Time Sheets
  • Supported: Mobile Clock-In with Location Detection
  • Supported: Automated Clock-Out
  • Supported: Payroll Integrations
  • Supported: Private or Group Messaging
  • Supported: Announcements & Newsfeeds
  • Supported: Multiple Location Management

Sling Screenshots

Screenshot of Sling Employee and Shift Scheduling for Businesses of All SizesScreenshot of Sling with Mobile Management of Employees Shifts and Tasks

Sling Video

How to Schedule Shifts on Sling

Sling Competitors

Sling Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Sling, from the company of the same name in Brooklyn, is presented by the vendor as an easy way to schedule and communicate with non-desk employees. It allows users to organize, communicate, and administer all aspects of a business, to stay on top of things and keep everything in one place without juggling multiple platforms.

Sling starts at $2.

Humanity, Dayforce, and Jolt are common alternatives for Sling.

The most common users of Sling are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Sling is a powerful scheduling tool for teams, providing an intuitive user-friendly interface and various features. Teams can easily schedule employees, receive important notifications, manage time off requests and track labor costs. It integrates with Google Calendar, allowing teams to quickly sync their schedules across multiple platforms.

The main use case of Sling is staff scheduling. Customers enjoy its user-friendly interface that allows them to quickly view other team members' shifts. It also has features such as task templates and shift templates that help streamline the scheduling process significantly. The push and SMS notifications help employees stay informed about their upcoming shifts, even while managing multiple work locations or positions.

Another popular use case supported by Sling is team messaging. The platform supports private messages between individual members as well as group messaging for quick updates or announcements to the whole team. Team members can also view the newsfeed for instant updates without interrupting their workflow.

Sling also helps teams keep track of their labor costs through detailed tracking tools. This makes it easier to monitor overtime hours, labor costs and more in order to make sure that all resources are used efficiently and cost-effectively. It even offers support for budget monitoring with accurate numbers from each employee’s calendar entries and timesheets.

Although customers generally praise the product, there have been some issues reported regarding lagging or crashing on the mobile app as well as difficulty syncing with payroll applications. However overall Sling provides effective solutions for common scheduling needs such as staff management, messaging, tracking labor costs and more at an affordable price point, making it an ideal solution for many teams.

Users of Sling scheduling software have found a multitude of benefits and use cases for the platform. The push notification feature is highly appreciated by users as it allows them to be notified before their shifts start, improving time management. This feature, along with the ability to add unavailable days, has proven useful for users with flexible working hours. Furthermore, the software facilitates effective communication by enabling important information to be shared from anywhere. Users also value the shift reminders via the app, which help prevent scheduling issues and eliminate excuses for forgetting shifts. Additionally, the instant alerts for schedule changes make it easier to update and manage schedules efficiently. The scheduling process itself is described as simple and easy to use, helping automate and streamline the process of scheduling a large workforce, thus saving time and effort. The time clock functionality aids in quick and accurate accounting for payables, while the transparent communication mechanism within the software improves team collaboration and makes life easier for users. Overall, Sling's value lies in its ability to centralize shift scheduling, simplify communication, and enhance efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

Many users of Sling have expressed satisfaction with their experience and the return on investment that they are getting from using it. Customers appreciate the user-friendly interface, mobile app, ability to self-manage profiles, group messaging, and cost savings compared to other programs. The push and SMS notifications help ensure employees are aware of their shifts, while the task templates help simplify labor cost tracking. Additionally, customers find the live task lists feature useful for keeping track of staff shifts easily and quickly.

On the flip side, some customers have experienced difficulty syncing with payroll applications, limited roles and permission settings and difficulty printing PDFs. Furthermore, there have been issues reported with loading times and freezing on the mobile app which may lead to frustration.

Overall, however, customers have found Sling to be an excellent scheduling management software that saves time and increases productivity while remaining cost-effective. With its easy-to-use features such as copy/paste week-to-week schedules, task templates and email notifications, Sling can meet all their requirements with minimal effort. Customers who take advantage of its functionality find it highly recommended by those who use it regularly.

Easy Communication and Collaboration: Users appreciate the seamless ability to communicate and share files with coworkers, facilitating effective collaboration within teams. This feature has been praised by many reviewers for enhancing teamwork and productivity.

Convenient Scheduling Feature: The scheduling feature is highly regarded for its convenience and flexibility. Many users find it helpful for planning schedules on the go and appreciate the accessibility across both laptops and phones. The instant shift updates and the option for staff to request time off through the app are particularly valued.

Intuitive User Interface: The user interface of the software is highly intuitive and user-friendly. Many users find it easy to navigate and understand, appreciating the simplicity of the scheduling process. This intuitive design proves especially beneficial when onboarding new employees as they can quickly grasp how to use the software without requiring extensive explanations.

Confusing User Interface: Many users have found the user interface of the app to be confusing, making tasks difficult to accomplish. They mentioned that it took some time to figure out how certain features worked.

Difficulty deleting messages and announcements: Users mentioned encountering challenges when trying to delete private messages and announcements. They felt that the process was time-consuming and wished for a more streamlined method.

Lack of total count of hours on mobile app: Some users expressed a desire to see the total count of hours for each employee directly on the mobile app instead of having to access a computer for this information.

Users have provided several recommendations for Sling based on their experiences. The most common recommendations include utilizing the how-to options to make the most out of the software, getting to know the inner workings as an admin, checking company policies before scheduling time off, finding Sling easy to use and user-friendly, trying Sling as it is affordable, effective, and easy to use, considering Sling for better employee schedule organization, playing around with the features and starting with a small scheduling group, shopping around and considering options before committing, overseeing the product download for all employees, familiarizing oneself with Sling before fully using it, and considering When I Work as a better alternative if willing to spend. Users also appreciate features such as color coding and job titles for organizing employee schedules, accessing schedules and employee information on the app, communicating with a small team, and finding call out and vacation coverage. They recommend updating the profile for an enhanced experience and suggest exploring other options like When I Work if willing to invest more in a scheduling solution. Overall, users highly recommend starting to use Sling for efficient scheduling and finding it most useful for organizations with variable shift work.


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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The majority of my employees are students, so I needed a way to keep our schedule organized for their chaotic lifestyles. Sling was perfect because it offered a mobile app version that was perfect for my students to use on their phones. Sling is easy for me to use and even easier for them to use.
  • Ease of use
  • Accessibility
  • Wide array of features
  • Notification system is weird
  • Limited features for free
  • Confusing layout at first
Sling is great for young employees who need an app on their phone that will easily show and notify them when they work. The messaging feature is also great for my employees to discuss with each other if they need shifts covered or if they want to swap shifts with another employee.
  • Messaging
  • Mobile app capability
  • Ease of use
  • I spend 50% less time scheduling my employees
  • My employees are 100% happier
  • We use the free version, so we save 100% of cost!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I manage a team of over 30 volunteers to ensure that 18 different workstations are scheduled each Sunday. I have found Sling to be the absolute best way to manage our operation. Features I like include the ability to match people with their specialized skills, the ability to draft schedules weeks in advance, but only publish to all users as needed, the color-coding available for various positions, and the additional chat features to keep all communication in one place; the desktop management and the app for everyone on the team, giving alerts when schedules are published and just in time advance notices of upcoming shifts. Sling is a very robust yet simple to use solution for anyone managing multiple people and workstations to ensure smooth operations.
  • Desktop application for more detailed assignment of shifts.
  • Simple App for the workforce deployment that shows shifts and offers communication.
  • Ability for users to schedule themselves off work.
  • Dragging of positions to different places on the schedule does not work on the desktop anymore, and this was a very handy tool.
  • Recurring scheduling for individuals could be enhanced to be more like other calendar programs - not just "every X weeks" but also "every 1st week of mo" or "every last week of mo" etc.
Sling offers enough customization I can see it working in most any scheduling scenarios. The ability to build job types into each employee gives you the control to match employee skills with the need for any particular position. Time of day templates makes it easy to select various shift times.
  • Pushing the schedule out to 30+volunteers through a single Publish button and all receiving the update on their app is huge.
  • The ability to for users to schedule off well in advance.
  • The communication chat channel built into the program.
  • My ROI comes from the need to spend less time scheduling my volunteers each week, and Sling has been the single best tool I have found to help me reach that goal.
(it has been 3+ years since I evaluated other programs, I don't recall the names)
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I work for a smaller Assisted Living/Memory Care, we have 4 locations. We use Sling for a lot of our communication and almost all our staffing needs. Sling has been very helpful to cover shifts and to help with communication within our company. I like Sling because as a Staffing Coordinator I can easily see who is working where, we use different colors to signify bonuses and distinguish between office/aides. It has a messaging system, newsfeed & basically everything we need. We use the free version.
  • Ease of access for managers & employees alike.
  • Sling staff always reply almost right away when I have had questions in the past.
  • We love utilizing the different colors for the schedule, so it's easier to see who's what and where/when.
  • Easy for staff to apply for shifts.
  • Free version does everything we need it to!
  • Bring back the forever repeating shifts, they currently only repeat for 1 year so I have to go through every shift once a year & reset them.
  • Our staff liked when they had birthday notifications for staff.
  • Wish there was a way for admins to be managers of managers. What I mean by that is when management requests time off I do not get a notification so they have to let me know separately.
Sling has been our best option for communication and scheduling. We looked into OnShift and other scheduling systems that aren't free. Sling has been our best option. Our schedule is a beast and Sling has made my job much easier and for our on-call staff as well. You can change the color of positions (which we love) and we love to use green for bonus money shifts!
  • Colors for each position (you get to pick)
  • Ease of opening shifts and editing to split shifts etc.
  • That they have a free option as we are a small company
  • It has been much easier to fill shifts faster
  • It's easy to train new staff on with ease
We had a few meetings with OnShift marketing to go over features and everything but our management team is very satisfied with the free version on Sling. Sling has been the easiest and best for payroll. OnShift was very spendy for our budget and didn't have messaging built in. Our staff are able to message each other within the application and website without any trouble. OnShift also did not have any color coding which now that we've been using Sling- we can't see not having it. It's so very helpful and pleasing to look at!
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