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What is ThoughtFarmer?

ThoughtFarmer, developed by ThoughtFarmer Inc., is an intranet software designed to enhance internal communications, knowledge management, community and culture, and business processes within organizations. According to the vendor, ThoughtFarmer is suitable for companies of all sizes, catering to a...

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It seamlessly integrates with existing services while facilitating employee engagement, communication, collaboration, and document …
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What is ThoughtFarmer?

ThoughtFarmer is an intranet software offering focused on enabling organizations to share information internally. Key features include team collaboration, content management, and search & navigation functions.

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New Release | Introducing ThoughtFarmer 8 Citrus!

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Product Details

What is ThoughtFarmer?

ThoughtFarmer, developed by ThoughtFarmer Inc., is an intranet software designed to enhance internal communications, knowledge management, community and culture, and business processes within organizations. According to the vendor, ThoughtFarmer is suitable for companies of all sizes, catering to a variety of professions and industries, including law firms, banks, credit unions, healthcare, and engineering firms.

Key Features

Knowledge Management: According to the vendor, ThoughtFarmer allows users to easily collect, find, and share company knowledge. The software provides a centralized portal for all company information, with simple setup and content management capabilities. Users can efficiently store and organize documents, policies, and procedures.

Internal Communications: ThoughtFarmer offers global and local news feeds to keep everyone informed, regardless of their location. The staff directory facilitates easy connection and collaboration, while the discussion forums enable real-time idea sharing and collaboration, as claimed by the vendor.

Administration Tools: ThoughtFarmer provides user-friendly content creation tools, allowing users to create and manage an intranet without requiring technical skills. The software offers customizable interfaces and page layouts for personalized intranet design. Additionally, detailed sitemap reports are available for content reorganization and security checks.

Form Workflow: According to the vendor, ThoughtFarmer streamlines business processes by providing digital forms and workflows. Users can automate content management with scheduled archiving and track engagement metrics using audit reports, ensuring content relevancy.

Community and Culture: ThoughtFarmer offers features such as shout-outs, badges, and rewards to recognize team achievements and foster a productive work culture. The software also allows for staff feedback collection, aiming to create a culture of appreciation and continuous improvement. ThoughtFarmer provides a centralized location for accessing news, announcements, documents, policies, benefits information, and media resources.

Modern Digital Workplace: ThoughtFarmer offers a mobile app for anytime, anywhere access and collaboration. The software integrates with industry-leading authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and file management systems, as claimed by the vendor. Expert launch support is provided to ensure a successful intranet implementation.

Security and Reliability: ThoughtFarmer addresses data security needs through custom access rights and secure integrations. The software claims to provide industry-leading security and privacy protection. Compliance tracking features help ensure data compliance, and 24/7 emergency support is available for peace of mind.

Professional Services: According to the vendor, ThoughtFarmer offers expert guidance and support to extend users' teams. The software follows a proven process and methodology to expedite the launch process. Experienced professionals mitigate common issues, reducing implementation risk. Custom integrations and design options are available to meet unique requirements.

Content Management: ThoughtFarmer allows for comprehensive content management, empowering users to centralize and organize information. Users can schedule content reviews to ensure accuracy and relevancy. The software offers intuitive navigation and search functionalities for easy information retrieval. Versatile content creation tools facilitate simplified contribution and collaboration, as claimed by the vendor.

ThoughtFarmer Video

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ThoughtFarmer Technical Details

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Community Insights

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It seamlessly integrates with existing services while facilitating employee engagement, communication, collaboration, and document management.

One common use case that customers have solved using ThoughtFarmer is internal communications amongst employees globally. Customers note an increase in employee engagement when using the platform to share documents, announcements, policies, etc. Despite having a large remote workforce, customers have found ThoughtFarmer to be helpful in staying connected across multiple sites and promoting team collaboration. Additionally, ThoughtFarmer's project team was available throughout the transition process to help customers migrate their content onto the site efficiently without any major issues.

Another common use case that customers have utilized ThoughtFarmer for is business continuity planning (BCP). It offers secure management of critical documents and pages as well as record keeping which can be easily shared between teams or departments if needed during emergency scenarios such as natural disasters or pandemics. Furthermore, customers have noted that gamification options are also available at an additional cost to inject fun into BCP activities making training easier to manage on an ongoing basis.

Key features include:

  • security through Active Directory integration
  • centralization of company news
  • mobile access; automated forms
  • cloud hosting; analytics tools
  • social media support
  • search functionality
  • bulk updates
  • clickable table headers
  • accommodation for full names and People Finder homepage configuration

Customers have experienced increased participation and connection with remote and field staff, and appreciate the thoughtfulness of the ThoughtFarmer team. The product has been praised for its ease of use and for providing helpful YouTube videos for onboarding new users. Additionally, customers note it as being reliable and secure with great out-of-the-box features.

Users generally feel satisfied with their return on investment when using ThoughtFarmer's intranet platform. The customer support team is responsive and friendly, helping customers quickly resolve any issues or questions they may have. Employees appreciate the simplified search feature which makes finding necessary documents much easier. Overall, customers have had positive experiences with the product, noting its effectiveness in collaboration and engagement across multiple locations. They find it easy to use yet powerful enough to handle complex tasks such as business continuity planning and forms management. While certain aspects may be challenging at times, customers are pleased with their experience overall and believe that ThoughtFarmer delivers good value for money.

To summarize, ThoughtFarmer has been successful in helping customers achieve their goals quickly regardless of size or geographic location through its intuitive interface and customizable settings.

Customers have experienced the following common pros or likes when using ThoughtFarmer:

  • Easy to use and set up, with helpful YouTube tutorials and helpful customer service staff.
  • Customizable settings and analytics tools help optimize the user experience.
  • Seamless integration with existing services and modern platform for internal communication.
  • Secure management of critical documents and pages, as well as cloud hosting capabilities.
  • People Finder homepage feature helps facilitate employee engagement across multiple locations.

Overall, customers are pleased with their experience using ThoughtFarmer and would highly recommend its capabilities to others looking for an intranet solution.

There are also some cons or dislikes reported by users:

  • Social media aspects of the site can lead to decreased employee productivity.
  • Some technical challenges may be encountered when auditing old content.
  • Additional features, such as gamification, come at an additional cost.

The cons mentioned reflect common experiences reported by users, including the potential for decreased productivity due to the presence of social media on ThoughtFarmer's platform, possible technical issues associated with auditing old content, and extra costs for certain features.

Users highly recommend using ThoughtFarmer for starting an intranet due to its simplicity, the availability of a helpful support team, and the usefulness of the ThoughtFarmer community for administrators. They find the product easy to use and appreciate the assistance provided by the support team. The community aspect is also seen as valuable in terms of sharing knowledge and best practices among administrators. Overall, users are very satisfied with their experience using ThoughtFarmer for their intranet needs.

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