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What is Folloze?

Folloze in Foster City provides their Personalized B2B Marketing Platform, which they describe as the best way to generate credible pipeline that will convert - from focused ABM to broad-based nurture. An ABM focused solution, the Folloze platform provides personalization…

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What is Folloze?

Folloze is on a mission to empower B2B marketing teams looking to respond to a new generation of B2B buyers through their Buyer Experience Platform. Led by frontline marketers, revenue teams can leverage Folloze to deliver engaging, data-driven experiences that meet buyers where they are with the information they need, personalized to their own individual customer journey.

Founded in 2013 by two marketing executives who observed how B2B buying and selling was changing firsthand, Folloze boasts users among large and successful B2B brands, including companies like Cisco, FireEye, Google, Okta, and Workday.

Folloze Features

  • Supported: ABM
  • Supported: Channel marketing
  • Supported: Demand Generation
  • Supported: Folloze live events
  • Supported: Sales Orchestration
  • Supported: 6sense solution

Folloze Screenshots

Screenshot of The Folloze Buyer Experience Platform.

Folloze harnesses deep buyer insights, sales orchestration and AI to empower sales and marketing teams. In minutes, create personalized experiences and micro-targeted campaigns that engages today’s savvy B2B buyer across the entire customer journey.Screenshot of Collaborative Marketing and Sales motions.

Folloze provides a ‘closed loop’ orchestration process to target, orchestrate, personalize and measure tailored account experiences. These micro-targeted campaigns dramatically increase engagement to impact revenue across the customer lifecycle.Screenshot of Folloze goes beyond page views, opens and clicks.

Enjoy deeper insights that measure your target customers’ serious interest in your offerings, such as number and duration of content views, forwarding or sharing, call-to-action executions, which ones they share with colleagues – all for each and every asset they engage with throughout their journey. Every single metric tracked for you in the Folloze dashboard was designed to help the Demand Gen team determine exactly when is the right time for for sales to engage potential buyers – and when to hold off.Screenshot of Ending the slog of building microsites and landing pages.

With Folloze, any B2B marketer can launch sophisticated, ‍personalized buyer journeys that let target audiences choose what relevant content interests them – no more guessing what your buyers will like. B2B demand generation campaigns and programs powered by Folloze are far more engaging, improving brand awareness and Call-to-Action success, meaning higher conversions and warmer pipeline of well-qualified leads.Screenshot of Account Engagement Analytics
Folloze analytics aggregates engagement activities by account and contact across all touchpoints. Sellers and marketing teams understand account topics of interest, can measure the impact and ROI of their account-based marketing programs, and inform campaign strategy and next best actions. All while leveraging Collaborative Marketing and Sales Motions.Screenshot of Intelligent content nomination.

Leverage Artificial intelligence to recommend content – at both build time as well as in real-time – and automatically deliver the most relevant and highest-performing content, dynamic messaging, and specific imagery, that accounts and contacts will find truly valuable and engaging. This also enables Account engagement analyticsScreenshot of Folloze allows sophisticated B2B marketing and sales orchestration plays.

Marketing creates the microsites and campaigns with the buyer persona in mind, kickstarting the sales cycle. Sales teams are notified and can edit or approve the marketing campaigns that are then automatically executed. When a demand generation campaign is executed, it is personalized for both the seller and for the account prospect. The result is a perceived true 1-to-1 engagement with potential customers, resulting in improved conversion rates across the entire buyer’s journey.

Folloze Videos

Watch Folloze discusses the potential of digital live events and the top-5 strategies that will help drive growth in 2022.

Watch In a digital-first marketplace, the most engaging, successful events are becoming smaller and more personal. For frontline marketers, Folloze Live Events aims to deliver memorable and unique virtual event experiences.

Watch From Folloze and Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst from Forrester, a webcast of guidance for evolving the performance of core account-based programs.

Watch Marlowe Fenne, ABM Senior Manager at FireEye with Randy Brasche, VP Marketing at Folloze provide advice on how frontline marketers can become the digital architects of data-driven and personalized buyer experiences.

Watch An overview of the Folloze Buyer Experience platform, including specific use cases that support each stage of the buyer journey

Watch An overview of Folloze Live Events, a brand new way for frontline marketers to execute targeted virtual events, with no technical support or expertise required

Folloze Integrations

Folloze Competitors

Folloze Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesUnited States
Supported LanguagesEnglish

Frequently Asked Questions

Folloze in Foster City provides their Personalized B2B Marketing Platform, which they describe as the best way to generate credible pipeline that will convert - from focused ABM to broad-based nurture. An ABM focused solution, the Folloze platform provides personalization and marketing campaign orchestration. For channel marketing, Folloze allows users to have a “leg in two places," so users and partners can work in parallel and in partnership - from entirely different organizations - on one coordinated joint campaign.

Uberflip, PathFactory, and Hushly are common alternatives for Folloze.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.5.

The most common users of Folloze are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).

Folloze Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)0%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)0%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)100%
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November 13, 2023

Folloze honest review

Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used for creating an experienced board. for various pieces of content that are uploaded to the portal. There are 2 mainboards on which we operate and both have similar features and functionalities.
  • experience boards
  • video hosting
  • videos are hard to upload
  • superscript functioning is hard
  • to many buttons to click to make one video look feasible
  • features in one board are hard to duplicate on the other
it is hard to upload videos. too many buttons to click. not easy to use.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Leverage the Folloze platform to activate ABM orchestration across the Marketing and Sales organization to target and launch personalized digital experiences for customers and prospects. ABM campaigns launched from the Folloze platform drive specific engagement, and we're able to influence and acquire customers as well as strengthen our partnerships and help customers reach their business goals.
  • Promote and capture registrations for live and digital events.
  • Present content in an organized manner and track engagement back to individual people.
  • Use dynamic personalization functionality to provide a unique experience for customers and prospects.
  • Flexibility using personalization rules.
Folloze is an excellent tool for orchestrating account-based marketing strategies, launching 1-off and long-term nurture campaigns, managing content, and using engagement reports to plan specific follow-up touch points.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We leverage Folloze as a means of engaging with our customers, through providing them access to key trends and recipes for culinary inspiration. Having a web based program like Folloze allows us to reach audiences world wide, regardless of their unique internet connectivity. Folloze is a medium we leverage on a daily basis to provide our end users valuable content all around the world. In the field of CPG frozen foods, it's been very beneficial to form a partnership with Folloze to share best practices and learn from other industry leaders.
  • Account Management
  • User Experience
  • Marketo Integration
  • Recipe Inspiration
  • Qualifying prospective customers
  • More innovation
  • Proactive recommendations
  • WhatsApp/SMS integration
It's perfect for anyone looking to engage with a targeted audience in a unique way, regardless of where the end user lives in the world. Folloze is great for companies that are looking to expand their engagement efforts outside of traditional tactics (web/social/print/etc.). It's a complementary platform that will help take your other tactics to the next level.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Folloze acted as a landing and registration page for partner-run events. We also integrated Folloze with a partner Dropbox instance and used it as a partner document repository for sales collateral that could be used by partner users. Both of these things helped us reach out to and increase engagement with partner sellers.
  • Responsiveness of the administrative portal and end-user view
  • Technical Team Support helped solve issues quickly and effectively
  • New Features are constantly being released
  • Not as much flexibility as would be useful for email campaigns. If you are unable to integrate with Folloze for email, there's limited usability of this feature.
Folloze worked well for us acting as a partner-focused document repository and landing page for jointly run marketing events. We used to heavily use the integration between Dropbox and Folloze; however, at some point, that integration was dropped in favor of, which did limit ease of use to a degree.
Josh Kohn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Folloze as an alternative place to drive traffic as opposed to our main website. We were using Folloze pages as landing pages that allow more customization and the ability to show our traffic content libraries based on their specific segment. It allowed us the ability to quickly and easily make changes to landing pages. It also allowed us the ability to track specific companies and specific people that took action on our pages.
  • Customer Service.
  • Customization
  • Flexibility
  • Self Serve Analytics.
  • Tracking
Folloze is a solid tool for creating personalized experiences and micro-targeted campaigns. Being able to deliver a ton of information, content, and/or useful links based on specific segments or personas. Folloze makes it easy to bring together content around a specific narrative so we can speak impactfully to specific market segments.
Aaron Evans | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I feel Folloze is excellent at customizing marketing journies that can be easily adjusted on the fly. Its intuitive rules allow you to customize triggers in various ways to craft unique experiences. The user interface is relatively simple to navigate, and if you get lost, there are many good resources and support available.
  • Applying rules to built custom microsites.
  • Easy interface to navigate around.
  • Good support.
  • Recent updates have occasional bugs.
  • There can be graphical issues that support is quick to fix.
  • The product does take some time to onboard, but a lot of that depends on how fast you want to go.
Folloze is great for account-based marketing initiatives and gives me many options for customizing advertising journeys, including the copy, images, and content available on a microsite. It makes it easy to adjust these things on the fly and even has the ability to send emails directly out of that platform itself.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Folloze helps us have better visibility into engagement with our wealth of marketing content. We can quickly generate a marketing board with pieces from our content library and see which content has been the most successful by looking at the pulse tables. We also use Folloze as a sales enablement platform, allowing our Sales team to generate custom boards to send to prospective clients.
  • Tracking Content Engagement.
  • Quickly Generating Landing Pages.
  • Enabling Sales Team to generate Customized content collections.
  • Folloze could have better permission controls.
  • Folloze could try and write back to 6 Sense.
  • Folloze could improve their video player.
Folloze is absolutely fantastic when it comes to leveraging an existing pool of marketing content and tailoring the visitor experience to provide the most relevant pieces of that content. Generating a board is simple and intuitive; you are also able to quickly upload content or even host a simulative webinar right on a Folloze board.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Primarily, I use Folloze to group together marketing and sales resources for our customers and our distributors. We offer so many different products for completely different industries, and our website has all of those together. So, you can imagine that if you only really care about one industry, finding that on our site could be time-consuming. Folloze lets us get specific and talk directly to our audience. We also use it as a mini webpage for tradeshows, showcasing the products and staff we will have attending, marketing resources for distributors about new product launches, and co-branded boards with certain distributors, so they are represented alongside Lakeland as a team effort for our mutual customers. That last one has been really appreciated by our distributor network.
  • Plug into Salesforce. We live in Salesforce, so it's a must!
  • Ease of use when designing boards. We love to all feel like graphic designers.
  • Dashboards showing activity levels of all types.
  • Storing assets within folloze. Makes it super easy to build a board fast.
  • Cloning boards. Time saver!!
  • Pulling the campaign links. It's been a little difficult for team members to select the correct types of campaign links on boards to send to customers.
  • Installing the Salesforce plugin has been a little difficult for some salespeople. It might be more of a browser thing than a Folloze thing.
  • There are some glitches every now and then in Salesforce where the Folloze board button is hidden behind a Salesforce field. It's been fixed, but sometimes it pops back up.
Building a custom web page has always required a skilled web developer, graphic designer, copywriter, and more. With Folloze, any sales or marketing person can build a breathtaking webpage in minutes, all on their own. The Folloze interface is point-and-click, easy to use, and great for non-technical people. After you build your custom board (mini-webpage) and send it out to your partners or customers, you can see detailed reports on who all viewed the board, what assets were viewed, interacted with, or downloaded, and how much time was spent on the pages. We've used Folloze for traditional campaigns, product launches, trade show pushes, account-based marketing, and so much more. For one software to give us the power to do all of that, we are happy, to say the very least.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have a general company board used in presentations to high potential and new clients. We also create specific boards for our customers that we keep updated with content that's relevant to each customer- This helps keep our customers informed and sales execs engaged. Account Execs also use boards for presentations to potential and current clients, explaining the latest technology and how we can help them update or upgrade their data center.
  • My account manager has been on calls with sales execs that are trying to get new accounts to our VP of Strategy & Innovation, offering support and ideas on ways we can use Folloze in specific situations.
  • I have bi-weekly meetings with my Account Manager where I tell him about our current marketing events, and he offers new ideas on how I can use Folloze to support and grow business. These calls are not just answering my basic "how to" questions, but they're more of a collaboration/brainstorming session which is incredible!
  • My account manager is incredibly responsive and engaged. He asks questions to understand what our goals are and how we can use Folloze to accomplish those goals and drive awareness to our events. He has quickly scheduled calls to assist not only marketing but our sales execs and VP of Strategy and Innovation.
  • I can't think of any improvement that's needed!
Folloze is well-suited for technology companies that need to offer a visual for the latest in technology.
December 23, 2022

Game-changer for ABM

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We run account-based marketing campaigns with high levels of personalization on Folloze. The platform helps us to craft a very specific message dedicated to the personas we are targeting, and creates a single site where our accounts can consume the most relevant content for them and which has been curated specifically for their role.
  • Personalization strategy
  • Cookie usage
  • Connection to other existing automation platforms
  • WYSIWYG editor is restrictive - would be nice to be able to toggle on and off to control styles
For audiences where you are wanting to deliver a very personalized buyer journey, Folloze is an excellent tool. The ability to provide a curated content set based on key characteristics and the ability to integrate that strategy with Marketo make it an extremely strong component of ABM for us.
December 23, 2022

Folloze review

Dennis Van Steenwinkel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Descartes uses Folloze as a separate landing page tool, mostly for campaign distribution (LinkedIn, ABM, email,..). This way we are able to set up tailored landing pages depending on our target audience and goals. The content is mostly focused on resource centers where we can put a bunch of content pieces together to create a personalised experience for the visitor.
  • easy-to-use interface
  • offering personalised content platform
  • our contact at folloze is very helpful and always available in case of questions/specific requests
  • Integrating the contact form with our CRM has been a lengthy and on-going process
  • We use iframe for some of our content pieces and I think it could look better than it does now
  • We need licenses for our salespeople for them to get access to insights of a board. An easier way to send them this info without them needing licenses would be nice
It is great for personalised content but for people who don't work with the tool day in day out (salespeople), it could be challenging as it is not as intuitive as other landing page tools.
It is a great tool for marketing - but the integration with sales has been a bit challenging
December 23, 2022

Thanks Folloze!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use folloze to create end-to-end high-value marketing campaigns to deliver marketing assets to our prospects and customers. We also use Folloze for internal communication to send quarterly newsletters to share the latest updates from our team
  • Project Management Support (Meghan rocks!)
  • Easy to schedule and send bulk emails
  • Clean-up of users and boards. Very manual process and not much visibility into active users vs. old boards and users who haven't logged in in a while
  • Reporting - Not easy to see who filled out a form and what their answers were on the platform. Wish you could see more of the user path and what they looked at on the board. Wish you could see reporting on an asset rather than individually by the user.
  • Design is very limited - hoping 3.0 will improve the level of customization
I've used them for a lot of different use cases. If you are looking for a more customized and complex UX, Folloze isn't the correct fit all the time but in most cases you can think outside of the box and upscale the experience
December 22, 2022

Best tool for ABM

Karin Apjarova, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Folloze is a core part of the Account-based Marketing communication and engagement tool, either 1:1 ABM or 1:few ABM.
  • Deeper engagement with customers & sales
  • Deep level of personalisation, even on sophisticated level
  • data driven, easy to use, save time
  • automated and suggested content per persona based on AI
  • automated and suggested visuals per company based on AI
ABM - 1:1 or 1:few - well suited
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Folloze is a critical tool in our marketing technology stack for engaging customers, partners, and prospects. With Folloze we are able to build dynamic, personalized, landing pages in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks with our web team or partners. These pages then track all visitor activity at a level we can't match with other tools. Including which pieces of content they viewed, when they viewed them, and how much time they spent with our content on an individual level. This activity builds robust profile of our visitors for informed next steps with our sales team. When paired with other tools, like our CRM or email platform, we can know exactly who is doing what, and follow those actions into opportunity and sale attribution.

From an ABM perspective Folloze is unmatched. You can build and tailor end-to-end experiences for individual accounts, roles, or employees. The personalization tools go far beyond a simple token name replacement, and allows us to present whole sections, or individual pieces of content, based on countless criteria we define. I imagine our ABM and Customer Marketing efforts would be significantly slower and far more rigid without Folloze.
  • Quickly create rich landing pages - If you know what content you want on the page it takes a s little as 30 minutes to build a landing page in Folloze.
  • Personalization - Folloze can use various triggers to create a custom experience for visitors based on countless factors. You can simply change a name or company, or go deeper and choose which content a visitor sees, or which images are used in key areas. The level of personalization is unmatched.
  • Measure Activity - Folloze does a great job of telling you what content is being viewed at an individual level. It does a great job of showing you which accounts are active on your pages, when they are active, and what they are looking at. So you can see both Account Level results and Visitor Level results.
  • Account support teams are great, but technical support could be faster.
  • Reporting is basic, but when paired with other tools has a surprising amount of good data points. I would love to see more robust and deep data exploration.
Folloze is best suited for an ABM experience, where you are working to build a bespoke experience for specific accounts. It would be a great tool for a broad demand or lead generation solution. I honestly can't think of a scenario where it wouldn't be appropriate, unless you intentionally didn't want to create a good experience for your targets.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization started sales plays that needed to be targeted and set up quickly. Our website was not agile enough for people outside of the web team to create pages. Folloze has allowed our marketing team to quickly create personalized web pages to support these plays and special spiffs. Within a few days we had pages live, including assets, and sent out to our sales team and customers.
  • Asset Management
  • Sales Enablement
  • Web Creation
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Content position on the page
  • Font management
  • Analytics
We have a specific strategy where web pages that will live for longer than a year will be built on our main website. This tool is not suited for longer-term pages. Folloze is great for the quick turnaround of targeted web pages to support sales plays that are intended for less than a year, have specific information on them like pricing, and are not ones we want to be searchable.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Folloze is a user-friendly software that helps our sales and ABM team to easily share content, create personal/customized landing pages and track our engagements. We use Folloze to create landing pages for target accounts, and it's such a great tool for personalizing microsites which helps enhance user experiences.
  • Helps personalize customer journey
  • Track engagement
  • User-friendly and flexibility
  • A bit more customization
  • Add a bit for functionality
  • Ability to bold/italicize or even change color of font or text size
  • Drag and drop templates
Folloze is very easy to use, great for building out campaigns, and can make changes quickly. Their support team is great as well if you encounter any issues. There are times when certain personalization is limited, but the support team tries their best to find an alternative. It would be great to see some "shared or sample" templates to use or sample to see the different options that the board can be made.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Making personalized microsites for our ABM efforts. Using Folloze allows us to scale our ABM program, whereas trying to do it on our own would require an insane amount of time and developer costs. Folloze allows a team of 3 digital marketers with no developer experience to create a vast amount of microsites.
  • Microsite personalization
  • Template designs
  • Customer support
  • Template rigidity
  • Plenty of bugs and glitches on launch
  • Wider selection of templates
Folloze is well suited for my exact type of team. A very small group with a lot of ABM efforts to get off the ground. We have many, many target accounts that need a personalized microsite for us to sell to them, and Folloze allows us to do that without outside help.
Annette Giordano | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Folloze as part of our Dun & Bradstreet subscription, and it's proven to be a valuable tool. We're able to create and distribute landing pages for ads, events, and campaigns, easily and are able to supplement page visitor data with our Dun & Bradstreet credits. The analytics provided about page uses are also extremely useful, and building the pages is quick and easy.
  • Ease of use
  • Customer Service
  • Lead Capture
  • Analytics
  • Sometimes the page builder isn't as flexible as it could be (e.g.: button colors)
  • The Folloze interface takes a little getting used to because images and content can be saved in multiple places, which is confusing at first.
We've used Folloze boards to support our sales team at events, most frequently. We typically will set up a page/board for pre-event solicitations, and then we'll set up another page that can be used during the event where the content and the CTA are a little different. Setting up the boards is very fast, and we embed Marketo forms for lead capture, which has also been very easy to do. Then we're able to retarget visitors or collect additional information about people who might visit the page but who don't fill out the lead capture form because we have the tool hooked into our Dun and Bradstreet Rev.Up tools. This flow has been very helpful for identifying new leads.

We also use Folloze boards for digital ad campaigns, which has been great.

We've found that Folloze is best for running promotions, or for event-based marketing. I could see Folloze not being appropriate for things like being the primary host for things like blogs.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Folloze to create custom landing pages for the Health Care and Life Sciences account-based marketing program.
  • Personalization
  • Flexible design
  • Great templates for quick starts
  • Tracking capabilities
  • Domain identification
I like that you can easily and quickly update the content or get started. It also incorporates SAS branding easily, which is a plus.
Jess Larkin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Folloze to support our 1:1, 1Few, post-event and digital advertising.
  • Easy to learn, intuitive system
  • Standardize branding
  • Enables Scalability for ABM programs
  • Included image gallery across all plans
  • Ability to bold/italicize font in a specific section
  • Multi-factor authnetication - find a way to have it come from our company vs. Folloze - emails go into spam
Folloze is great for scaling account-based marketing motions.

It is also a great tool for post-event follow-ups.

Folloze gets very pricey if you need licenses for your sales/SDR org - and users need a license to add the contact cards. I'd like to have the option to include a sales resource w/o having them licensed in Folloze.

Overall, great tool and I am a huge fan.
December 15, 2022

A Tale of Folloze

Ashwini Chitrigemath | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Customizing folloze board to our customer segments and giving them the recipes on the go, has helped our business. Folloze has been a fast and easy way to reach the customer and work efficiently towards reaching the goal of personalization at a click, if it could add facebook pixel in the backend, this would have been the best experience for everyone (user and end consumer)
  • Creation of landing page
  • easy way to access content
  • personalization
  • Addition of pixels
  • different types of board
  • a customized board
We needed to launch a campaign however without pixels, we couldnt launch the campaign and it took a longer route for us to build a landing page from scratch which took a lot of time for our team. If folloze could have added the pixel capability, it would have been easier to for us to launch campaign swiftly
December 15, 2022

Ease of Folloze

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use Folloze in areas that support our overall ABM strategy. Including creating landing pages by industry, adding content that is then shared via our many digital channels, supporting sales with sales resource centers, and partner enablement. To day, we have created more than 20 boards that are actively being used company-wide and looking to expand into using it more for executive level events as well.
  • Landing Pages
  • ABM Orchestration
  • Source of Truth for Resources
  • Building more drag and drop templates
  • Playbooks for personalization
Folloze is really good at allowing anyone (not just developers) the ability to creating pages and quickly launch them as a part of an overall campaign.

Folloze is less suited for events. There are really good features but we've resulted to using Zoom vs Folloze to support our overall webinar strategy.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Folloze allows my team to create unique digital hub experiences at the 1:1 account level. Folloze boards are quick and easy to stand up, so it's an initial tactic I use with all of my ABM accounts. The microsite hub provides my sales team an immediate asset to share in early prospecting, and with the metrics and analytics features, we are able to measure success right away.
  • Ease of use for page creator
  • Visually modern, clean, well organized
  • Tracking, metrics, analytics
  • Easy navigation for user
  • Increased analytics - who visited the page
  • Movement in the header image
  • Page template options
Folloze is well suited for any marketing role where there is a desire to quickly create a microsite experience. Field marketing with 1:few, industry marketing goals and scenarios could benefit from Folloze. I'm not sure if Folloze is the right platform for events, but it might be a learning curve where I just have not experienced that functionality yet.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Folloze as the center piece of our ABM campaigns for our clients. It's creates a central location to host and track all ABM activities regardless of channel. We use it for 1:1 accounts, demand gen, event hosting & follow up.
  • Very user friendly
  • Allows you to grow at scale with ease
  • Supplies opportunities to integrate with other items in your tech stack
  • While you can personalize at scale, it can be time consuming
  • Very templatized (but with 3.0, much better options)
  • Stats on the emails sent via the platform are lack luster
  • Reporting filters do not work when you download the report
Overall, Folloze is a great platform to use for the entire company. It is a great opportunity to unify the sales and marketing team to present hyper personalized pages for your prospects/clients. We see a ton of success when you're looking to push some open opportunities over the finish line by giving your prospects that special touch. It's also a perfect platform to be able to track who is interested in your content and story. Since it's so user-friendly you can pivot and shift quickly to always stay as current as possible.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Folloze to build specialized boards for our Partners that house product materials, collateral, promos, etc.
  • customization for recipient
  • user friendly
  • simple management
  • honestly, I have no notes on improvement for how I use it
Folloze has been very successful when used for specific sales opportunities to showcase similar use cases/success stories and for our partners to have a specialized page catered to them.
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