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What is Workiz?

Workiz is a field service management application created to improve the workflows being implemented by field service businesses. It provides users complete control and visibility over various aspects of their operations. These include creating customizable job forms, preparing schedules for…

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Workiz is a Field Service Management Software that helps businesses streamline their operations, save time and money, and keep customers …
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#SHOPTALK Workiz demo!!! these guys are killing it!!!

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Product Details

What is Workiz?

Workiz is a field service management application created to improve the workflows being implemented by field service businesses. It provides users complete control and visibility over various aspects of their operations. These include creating customizable job forms, preparing schedules for jobs on a drag-and-drop and color-coded calendar, dispatching jobs to the right field technicians, monitoring the status of assigned jobs, streamlining payment collection, and enhancing engagements with prospects and clients.

The field service application ensures that there is a smooth flow of information between office personnel and field technicians. Field technicians can access job-related information, update job status, and communicate with their manager or team leader using their mobile devices.

Workiz has a call recording and monitoring feature that enables users to track and assess phone conversations with prospects and clients. They can leverage this for performance evaluation, ad campaign optimization, and customer retention. The application also allows them to enable electronic document management, track and handle inventory items automatically, and access data-rich reports.

Workiz Features

  • Supported: Job Scheduling
  • Supported: Job Management
  • Supported: Service Dispatch
  • Supported: Team Management
  • Supported: Client Management
  • Supported: Inventory Management
  • Supported: Invoicing
  • Supported: Reports
  • Supported: Online booking
  • Supported: Voice & Call Tracking
  • Supported: Client Notifications
  • Supported: Two-Way SMS
  • Supported: Location Tracking

Workiz Screenshots

Screenshot of SchedulingScreenshot of Service AreaScreenshot of Client NotificationsScreenshot of Service DispatchScreenshot of Job ManagementScreenshot of Location TrackingScreenshot of Client ManagementScreenshot of Inventory ManagementScreenshot of Mobile Workforce ManagementScreenshot of Payments & InvoicingScreenshot of Call Tracking

Workiz Integrations

Workiz Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesUnited States, Canada
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Workiz is a Field Service Management Software that helps businesses streamline their operations, save time and money, and keep customers informed. Its features include automated job emails, text notifications, integration with Quickbooks, inventory tracking, CRM, scheduling, invoicing, reporting features, phone system integration with call recording ability, and GPS connection for particular applications. Customers have praised the intuitive interface of Workiz as well as its integration capabilities with other apps such as ARMtech GPS solutions.

The main purpose of Workiz is to help businesses efficiently manage their operations and improve communication between staff members and customers. It offers a streamlined workflow by bringing almost all communication together in one place. The built-in phone system allows for multiple calls to go through simultaneously without distracting ringtones or static noises. Users are able to send automated notifications tailored to clients about upcoming jobs and appointments. Other helpful features include address autofill via Google Maps APIs or Apple Maps, contact import from popular CRMs, an invoicing system, and customized notification settings. Additionally, customers get impression tracking analytics, customizable call flows, trackable crew hours, clocking out procedures for payroll purposes, and payment processing.

The customer reviews of WorkIz show that it is a great overall package with professional staff, responsive customer service reps, and a good CRM tool. However, it may have some internal issues such as syncing problems with QuickBooks or Google Calendar while formatting documents can be difficult at times. Some customers also experience hidden charges when using certain features like WePay although the pricing structure remains transparent and affordable for small companies. Additionally, bus riders find the app version of the layout confusing at times while navigating back to previous pages can be challenging when pulling up payments or invoices which has led to some difficulties in managing sales funnels effectively. Although there are some minor technical issues associated with the product most customers find WorkIz is an efficient solution helping them communicate easily with customers while saving both time and money allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business thus enabling exponential growth opportunities for businesses everywhere.

Workiz has become an essential tool for managing customer relations and streamlining workflow for many users. Customers and projects can be easily scheduled and contacted all in one place on the Workiz website, providing a convenient and efficient experience. The software effectively addresses invoicing issues by offering features for booking, payments, scheduling, and invoicing. Users have found Workiz to be particularly useful in various areas such as transaction management, schedule setup, worker tracking, and work phone number attachment to avoid after-hours disturbances. Workiz has also received positive feedback for its dispatching capabilities, making it easier to assign and inform technicians about their assignments. The integration between team members, schedule, and customers in Workiz has been commended for its speed and efficiency. Overall, users have reported improved organization, communication, and workflow within their offices thanks to Workiz. Additionally, the platform allows users to store information efficiently and easily copy and paste it into other applications, saving time and increasing productivity. By sending appointment reminders through Workiz, users have significantly reduced the number of missed appointments and revenue loss. Not only does this software track jobs and their status effectively but it also eliminates the need for double entry, ensuring timely reporting to clients. With fast load times across different pages, Workiz provides a quick and efficient user experience. It has replaced paper invoices for many users while improving sales tracking by enabling the addition of images to jobs and facilitating technician tracking when there are issues with directions. Another benefit of using Workiz is its lead tracking functionality along with hour tracking which aids in effective resource allocation. Users have found that Workiz simplifies job scheduling based on customer location and job descriptions by allowing quick entry of contact information. The software has also proven to save significant time by providing solutions for communication between staff and customers while offering convenience in terms of quick access to tech schedules. Moreover, Workiz's automated job emails and text notifications have saved users countless hours by eliminating the need to manually fill in email templates with job details. By offering features like scheduling, CRM capabilities, and appointment reminders, Workiz has successfully resolved various business flow and customer relation problems. Users have appreciated the user-friendly and time-saving nature of Workiz, noting its effectiveness in solving invoicing and payment issues through convenient payment options for clients. Additionally, the positive feedback from users about Workiz's inventory tracking, crew management, sales tracking, lead management, and payment processing capabilities suggests that it offers a range of utilities for service providers. With its ability to consolidate multiple software and apps into one platform, Workiz has made it more efficient for users. The software has also been commended for its scheduling, dispatching, and estimating capabilities, contributing to improved business operations. Users have found Workiz to be a time-saver, as it allows for quick entry of contact information, job descriptions, and easy scheduling based on location and project duration. By providing solutions for communication between staff and customers, Workiz has positively impacted workflow and customer relations within offices. Users appreciate the software's ability to store customer information in one place and facilitate seamless communication with clients. The automated job emails and text notifications have significantly reduced missed appointments and revenue loss for users, while also saving them countless hours on manual email templates. Workiz has proven effective in solving invoicing and payment issues by providing convenient payment options for clients. With features like inventory tracking, crew management, sales tracking, lead management, and payment processing capabilities, Workiz offers a comprehensive solution for service providers. Overall, users have praised Workiz for its user-friendly interface, simplicity, and time-saving benefits. It has successfully streamlined business operations, improved organization and communication within offices, enhanced client interfacing, and increased sales revenue for many users.

Workiz is a powerful and flexible software that helps small businesses streamline their systems, communicate more effectively with customers, and track time sheets. Customers have had positive experiences with Workiz, noting its user-friendly interface, helpful customer service, cost-effectiveness, and ability to customize commissions and lead sources. However, some users wish there was more administrator functionality in the app and simpler ways to execute actions. They also mention minor technical issues such as server glitches or syncing issues with QuickBooks, Thumbtack, and Google Calendar.

Overall, customers find WorkIz to be an effective software that offers great features such as call recording, GPS connection, address autofill, integrated phone systems, and notifications that save time. There are some issues such as WePay fees or Thumbtack integration but these can be worked out easily with helpful customer service reps who are always willing to assist. Customers report great experiences with Workiz through its user-friendly platform combining calendar, docusign, and other services. It allows for direct contact with clients while also helping them manage customers efficiently and save time on tasks related to scheduling and invoicing. Additionally, they appreciate the automated one-time processes which keep everything organized without requiring extra manual effort from managers or employees. All in all, customers feel satisfied with Workiz's price point given its features and benefits resulting in favorable returns on investment overall.

Workiz is a great tool for small businesses, with many features and benefits that customers have praised. These include:

  • Easy-to-use platform - Customers appreciate the intuitive importer and user-friendly interface and find it easy to use the integrated phone system or connect with other apps like QuickBooks. They also enjoy being able to easily monitor crew hours so they can quickly assign tasks as needed. The platform made it easy to manage customers and communicate with them while taking advantage of great features such as customer relations tools and address autofill.
  • Pricing - Customers appreciated the transparent and cost-effective pricing structure.
  • Customer Support - The support team is quick to respond and helps solve any issues that customers may encounter.
  • Features - Workiz has a variety of features such as GPS tracking and payment processing which allow users to save time and simplify their workflows. It makes communicating with clients easier by bringing almost all communication together in one place. The scheduling feature simplifies dispatching and helps customers track their workload. The automated job emails and text notifications are useful reminders about upcoming jobs for both employers and employees. Additionally, it allows companies to create an unlimited number of subcontractors for added flexibility in scheduling.

Workiz is a great product with many useful features, but there are some common cons or dislikes described by users:

  • Lack of administrator functionality in the app - Users have to log in through a web browser for full to access full admin functionality that isn’t available through the app.
  • Technical issues: some customers have experienced intermittent technical glitches and server connection problems. Some experienced slight bugs like estimate line items auto-populating when they would rather load their own items according to current projects. Other issues included formatting documents and syncing with QuickBooks, Google Calendar, and Thumbtack integrations.
  • WePay fees: customers may experience additional charges of up to 3% for using the WePay to process payments with a credit card.

Users have made several recommendations based on their experiences with Workiz. The most common recommendations include trying the free demo or trial to get a hands-on experience with the software, utilizing all the features offered by Workiz for improved productivity and profitability, and taking advantage of the customer support provided by Workiz to address any questions or issues that may arise. These recommendations emphasize the importance of exploring the software through demos or trials, making full use of its features, and leveraging customer support for a successful experience with Workiz.

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