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Field Nation

Field Nation


What is Field Nation?

Field Nation is a labor marketplace for IT field service, connecting companies and skilled technicians to do on-site field service work across the nation.

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Field Nation helps businesses find skilled technicians nation-wide while freelancers have access to projects they would not have …
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Product Details

What is Field Nation?

Field Nation is a labor marketplace for IT field service, connecting companies and skilled technicians with the goal of doing great work across the nation.

The platform enables service delivery teams to identify and work with independent professionals. With Field Nation, companies can build and deploy their on-demand workforce, and technicians can choose work that aligns with their interests, skill set, and schedule.

Field Nation states that demand for skilled technicians is high, but there are not enough workers, so companies often have to sacrifice control and put their customer relationships at risk because of outdated talent strategies. Yet, people with the skills and passion for IT field service are available, still committed to their profession, but who want a new way of working— flexibility, autonomy, and freedom.

Field Nation helps field service leaders:

IMPROVE OUTCOMES >> Connect directly with the technicians that will best represent a brand, and make sure their work is completed to specifications, achieving a reduction in site revisits and a high success rate on work completed.

RESPOND QUICKLY >> The breadth and depth of skilled technicians on the Field Nation marketplace aims to enable companies to say “yes” to customers, scaling quickly to meet demand. This includes sourcing techs and dispatching work faster. Field Nation boasts WOs completed in 29K+ zip codes across the U.S., with 1 million WOs completed annually at 425K sites and skilled techs with experience across 20+ service types.

REDUCE COSTS >> Eliminate the third-party margin stack and additional fees while maintaining control over pay rates. The platform provides visibility into current market rates by type of work and geography, and helps organizations realize up labor cost savings.

Field Nation Features

  • Supported: Enables direct relationships with skilled technicians
  • Supported: Covers new verticals and locations
  • Supported: Offers real-time visibility into what’s happening on-site
  • Supported: Built-in risk management
  • Supported: Processing fee savings at incremental spend milestones
  • Supported: Expanded talent, work and risk management features
  • Supported: Market intelligence that helps win the next RFP
  • Supported: Additional insurance options for maximum coverage

Field Nation Video

About BLM Technologies' experience on Field Nation.

Field Nation Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesUnited States, Canada, Mexico
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Field Nation helps businesses find skilled technicians nation-wide while freelancers have access to projects they would not have otherwise. Customers have stated its user-friendly interface, resources, background checks, and search functions in particular stand out for their use cases. Additionally, Field Nation’s customer service team provides quick turnaround times on support issues.

One of the most common use cases for Field Nation is when businesses need to quickly scale up their IT teams. With Field Nation’s platform, businesses are able to easily hire technicians from all 50 states on short notice. The platform also offers many features such as job templates for various job types, reviews and profiles of each technician, and an intuitive portal where users can pay via credit card or bank account if needed.

Another common use case is distant customers who don't have access to local techs or those who need specific skills driving down prices. With Field Nation, users are able to source skilled technicians remotely at competitive rates with no overhead costs like insurance or equipment fees related to traditional hiring options.

Despite the benefits of using Field Nation some customers have encountered drawbacks such as having payments ready up front before signing up providers and difficulty building search filters while searching for providers. Additionally there are complaints about unreliable technicians, low balling buyers pushing down prices, and pushy sales people trying to get more jobs done than necessary. Some customers encountered dishonestly claiming work was completed when it wasn't, and a 10% fee taken from contractors by Field Nation which could significantly reduce wages in some cases . Despite these complaints overall customers experience satisfaction with the product and would recommend it as a viable option.

Field Nation is a platform that has been highly valued by users for its ability to solve the problem of finding dependable freelance work. Customers appreciate the platform's consistent offering of a wide range of available work opportunities, allowing them to easily find additional staff when needed. The product has been particularly valuable for users in small telco jobs across the country, where it helps them find technicians and troubleshoot wiring equipment. Users have also found value in accessing equipment they have lost access to and solving end user client issues, leading to future prospects. The platform is useful for organizations with limited resources in the USA, allowing them to scale quickly and meet customer demands. Additionally, Field Nation helps businesses save costs by avoiding travel expenses for on-site work and streamlines business processes by enabling scheduling and payment of technicians in one place. Overall, users appreciate the convenience and efficiency of finding technicians on the platform rather than searching on their own.

Users find Field Nation user friendly and easy to navigate, with helpful support when setting up the platform. The mobile app has been difficult to use but customers appreciate the ability to expand their IT team beyond brick and mortar offices and find techs almost anywhere. They enjoy being able to get access to skilled technicians quickly, on short notice and affordably. Customers also benefit from resources, background checks for technicians, search functions, no penalty for canceling jobs and the ability to pay by credit card. On the other hand, issues such as counter offers, glitches in Flightboard feature, slow loading times, billing setup issues are common complaints. Additionally, there is a fee of 10% taken from technicians’ pay after completion and money can be taken out of their account if a job is canceled late. Despite these drawbacks customers have had largely positive experiences; they believe that Field Nation provides an excellent return on investment given its immediate support and plethora of skilled technicians which helps businesses quickly scale up without carrying burden costs.

Users appreciate the following common pros:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Field Nation offers an intuitive interface that makes finding technicians and job templates easy.
  • Immediate Support: Customers are impressed with the fast response time from support staff when needed.
  • Access to Technicians Nationwide: Field Nation provides access to technicians in all 50 states, allowing businesses to quickly scale up without carrying burden costs.

There are some common cons reported by customers when using Field Nation:

  • Counter offers from buyers: buyers often make counter offers after viewing the terms of the jobs offered by freelancers which can be frustrating for those with tight deadline constraints
  • Glitches in Flightboard feature: reports of slow loading times and unexpected hangups which can disrupt workflow
  • Expensive fees: 10% fee taken from contractors for each job completed may be prohibitively expensive for some freelancers

Users recommend utilizing Field Nation's support team for assistance. They have found the support team to be terrific and responsive, providing quick and helpful responses to any inquiries or issues.

Many users suggest trying out Field Nation as a platform for contracting, especially for retail and commercial purposes. They have found it to be a great resource for finding good people who can complete jobs right the first time. Additionally, they encourage everyone to use Field Nation and be on the platform to offer their services.

Several reviewers advise being careful when selecting technicians on Field Nation, as there may be unqualified pros on the platform. They also mention the costs and time involved in setting up Field Nation, so it is important to be aware of these factors before getting started. However, they consider Field Nation a great place to find talent in various industries and commend its user-friendly website interface.

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