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Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo


What is Monte Carlo?

Monte Carlo headquartered in San Francisco, offers what they present as a data observability engine that is designed to reduce data downtime, increase data reliability, and improve trust in company data and access to it.

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It enables anomaly detection, which allows users to identify potential problems before they become more serious or costly. Monte Carlo …
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What is Monte Carlo?

Monte Carlo headquartered in San Francisco, offers what they present as a data observability engine that is designed to reduce data downtime, increase data reliability, and improve trust in company data and access to it.

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Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel - Breakeven Analysis Example

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Product Details

What is Monte Carlo?

Monte Carlo Video

Data is everywhere - it powers the digital services, products, and decisions your company depends on. But what happens when the data is wrong? We call this problem data downtime -- periods of time when data is missing, inaccurate, or otherwise erroneous -- and it costs com...
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Monte Carlo Technical Details

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

It enables anomaly detection, which allows users to identify potential problems before they become more serious or costly. Monte Carlo also provides Slack notifications, so users can be alerted immediately of any changes in their data. Additionally, the product offers data freshness monitoring. Customers have found it easy to set up and use with an intuitive UI and responsive development team. The product has helped them become proactive when it comes to resolving anomalies, saving resources in the process. It also provides valuable metadata insights into existing infrastructure and capabilities for improvement.

Overall, customers find Monte Carlo an invaluable tool for data observability and debugging; however, there are still areas for improvement such as minor UI issues and more alert customization settings. Despite these minor shortcomings, Monte Carlo has been well-received by customers due to the helpful customer success team and responsive product team who are open to suggestions from customers of how the product can be further improved.

Carlo has been highly regarded by users for its ability to provide visibility into different data sources and their behaviors, making it a valuable tool for learning about data and schemas. Users have found value in Carlo's data observability capabilities, which have enabled them to identify and address data quality issues in a timely manner. Carlo's end-to-end data lineage visibility has been appreciated by users as it allows them to understand the data pipeline and trace data issues back to their source. With Carlo, users have been able to predict problems earlier and identify their root cause faster, leading to improved data quality monitoring. The product's data monitors have given users confidence in maintaining high data quality, even when running a massive amount of data through their pipelines. Additionally, the centralization of customized data quality checks and statistics in Carlo has reduced the time invested in controls and resolution of data breaches. Overall, users have found Carlo instrumental in supporting entire data platforms used across organizations.

Carlo's ease of use has been a highlight for users, with the ability to quickly set up data monitors and fine-tune monitor thresholds to fit their specific application needs. By using Carlo, users have significantly reduced stakeholder-initiated downtime alerts, saving time and effort for data engineering teams. The software also helps minimize data downtime by notifying data engineers of potential issues in the data pipeline. Carlo's capabilities to identify and track incidents of different types, such as volume, field health, freshness, and schema changes, have proven beneficial for users. Understanding the health of data is crucial for decision-making and ensuring data quality, which Carlo facilitates through easy tracing of data lineage and observability with freshness and schema monitoring.

Carlo's impact on improving overall efficiency has not gone unnoticed by users either. By automating manual processes and providing seamless experiences with minimal configuration requirements, Carlo has helped reduce distrust in data systems and minimize ad-hoc requests and bug-fix requests to engineering teams. Users appreciate the software's ability to identify issues and errors faster through constant data freshness monitoring, saving valuable time by eliminating the need for guesswork. Carlo has also been valuable in accurate monitoring of various data lakes, predicting data behavior, and surfacing anomalies that reveal pipeline problems. Additionally, Carlo plays an essential role in data certification and governance programs by providing deep insight into data quality and anomalies. By bringing consistency to data quality testing across the organization, Carlo enables an overall picture of reliability and metrics to improve data quality.

Users have found Monte Carlo to be a great asset, providing out-of-the-box anomaly detection and data observability. It has helped improve trust in data and give data consumers and producers a sense of ownership. Slack notifications are easy to understand and link back to incidents within Monte Carlo. Lineage capabilities have also been useful for identifying downstream impacts of any issues. Customers appreciate the product team's responsiveness and openness to suggestions. Despite some minor UI/UX issues, customers find that their return on investment is high when using this product as it helps them become active in resolving data anomalies instead of reactive. They have noted that custom alerts routing and message customization could be improved, but the product is under active development and updates are frequent. Overall, users have had a positive experience with Monte Carlo and would recommend it as an excellent observability tool.

Users find Monte Carlo to be an invaluable tool for detecting data anomalies quickly and easily. Common pros or likes include:

  • Out-of-the-box monitoring with minimal configuration needed
  • Ability to catch issues and errors faster from constant monitoring of data freshness
  • Excellent collaboration with a product team that is open to feedback and suggestions from customers

These features make Monte Carlo an attractive choice for users looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-use observability platform.

Monte Carlo is a data observability platform that many customers appreciate for its ease of use and ability to detect issues quickly. However, there are some common cons or dislikes expressed by users.

  • Limited customization of email notifications: Users report wanting more flexibility with setting up email notifications from Monte Carlo.
  • Teams integration: Some users wish they could integrate Teams into the product.
  • UI/UX improvements needed: While the UI has become better over time, some customers still suggest ongoing improvements such as better sorting and searching on certain pages.

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