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What is Optimove?

Optimove is a retention automation platform designed to help marketers analyze and optimize campaigns with the goal of reducing churn.

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Optimove is a powerful CRM tool that helps businesses identify customer segments, create marketing campaigns to meet business objectives, …
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What is Optimove?

Optimove is a retention automation platform designed to help marketers analyze and optimize campaigns with the goal of reducing churn.

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Product Details

What is Optimove?

Optimove is presented as a Customer-Led Marketing Platform. Its solutions ensure marketing always starts with the customer instead of a campaign or product. The vendor states their approach to Customer-Led Marketing can deliver an increase in customer lifetime value. The Optimove platform is powered by: 1 - Rich historical, real-time, and predictive customer data, 2 - AI-led multichannel journey orchestration, and 3 - Statistically credible multitouch marketing attribution. Optimove states they currently provide industry-specific solutions consumer brands including Staples, SodaStream, Papa John's, BetMGM, Betfred, bet365 and others.

Optimove Features

  • Supported: Real-Time CDP
  • Supported: AI-Led Multichannel Orchestration
  • Supported: Multitouch Attribution

Optimove Screenshots

Screenshot of Optimove’s predictive micro-segmentation technology, which powers the delivery of tailored messages, offers and promotions to individual customer personas, fostering both improved short-term engagement and long-term brand loyalty. Customers with similar expressed or implied characteristics and preferences are grouped into dynamic micro-segments, which are the building blocks of hyper-personalized relationship marketing campaigns.Screenshot of Optimove's customized predictive customer model, that reflects the user's distinct business DNA and unique customer data. This customer model integrates information from four main sources: first-party raw data, on-site/in-app user activity, third-party data and campaign response history. This consolidated dataset is continuously maintained as a 360° Single Customer View, accessible to the organization as a marketer’s data mart, and used to orchestrate individualized customer relationships across all available channels.Screenshot of how Optimove transforms a digital platforms into personalized experiences with individualized content recommendations from the first visit. This helps to increase a marketing campaigns’ engagement and effectiveness with personalized and timely messaging, and enables users to stay ahead of their audiences' evolving interests by discovering and showcasing the most popular content in real-time.Screenshot of how Optimove empowers marketers to orchestrate multi-channel customer communications, and to create customer-led journeys by combining a distinct messaging prioritization and customer exclusion framework with Optimove’s realtime decisioning engine.Screenshot of Optibot, a relationship marketing bot, which surfaces actionable insights for the continuous optimization of customer communications. By autonomously identifying untapped revenue opportunities within a customer base, Optibot makes it possible to leverage data for ongoing performance improvement on a large scale.

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Optimove Technical Details

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